Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 Vs Hercules Inpulse 300: Which One Is The Best For Beginners?

When you first enter the realm of DJing, it has both exciting possibilities and challenges. Various entry-level controllers that are fit for beginners are offered in the market. However, it can be quite a puzzle to go through many options when looking for the perfect controller. You should always keep in mind that despite having high-quality choices for novice DJs. But a lot of low-grade selections are present also.

           Good news, We have collected two remarkable alternatives that will be fit for those who just took their first steps in the world of DJing. If you have limited knowledge about DJing equipment and techniques, then this article is for you. We present to you the Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 and the Hercules Inpulse 300.

           In this comprehensive evaluation, we will dive into the strengths and weaknesses of both controllers. Once you finish reading this, you will have a more coherent understanding of which controller best aligns with your wants and needs.

Unlocking the Pioneer DJ DDJ-400: An In-depth Look

           Let us start this comparison with the more popular option. If you are not new in the DJing world, then you have probably heard of Pioneer DJ already. It is known for creating top-tier controllers with excellent quality. One of those is the DDJ-400

           This controller is bundled with Rekordbox DJ. This is one of the most sought-after software which elevates your DJing experience. Moreover, the DDJ-400 has a sleek, professional club-style layout. This is beneficial for DJs who want to upgrade to the professional stage.

           This controller has dimensions that span 18.98 inches in width and stands at a height of 2.3 inches. It also has a balance of compactness and functionality as its depth measures approximately 10.72 inches.

           The DDJ-400 operates as a two-channel controller. This is why its weight does not come as a surprise with about 4.63 pounds. A wide range of inputs and outputs are also offered. This includes an RCA master output, a mini-jack headphone monitor, and a 1/4-inch TS Jack for microphone input.

Features that Impress Us:

Craftsmanship That Stands Out

At first glance, the DDJ-400 stands out due to its impeccable construction. This is not surprising because it is a Pioneer DJ product. They are always known for using premium-grade plastic materials. These help their equipment to achieve a sense of substance and quality.

           This controller was created to survive minor jostles. As well as to continue its performance over an extended period. If you prioritize durability, the DDJ-400 will exceed your expectations.

Club-Style Aesthetics

           When it comes to design, the DDJ-400 is carefully crafted with a guide of a club-style layout. This leads to having a wide scope of benefits. One of which is attracting DJs who want to enter the professional club circuit.

           Many first-rate DJ-caliber DJ controllers and CDJs are created to sync smoothly with the configurations that are usually found in club setups. This is necessary if you are eyeing a career in professional DJing. A controller that rationalizes this transition is remarkable.

Rekordbox Brilliance

           Last, but not least. The DDJ-400 comes with the Rekordbox DJ software. This is probably one of the most impressive DJ software that is being offered on the market. If you purchase the DDJ-400, you will have a complimentary version that does not lack impressiveness.

           Pioneer DJ is the one behind Rekordbox. It is only reasonable that they would give direct access to this software. Its interface is perfect for beginners as it is user-friendly. It houses many intuitive controls. As well as various features and tools that will help improve your overall performance.

Aspects We Find Less Favorable:

Investment Considerations

One important aspect to consider is the price point. This is particularly noteworthy when it comes to the Pioneer DJ brand. Although Pioneer DJ is popular for its excellent controllers, they are usually more pricey compared to other brands. This is true especially because we are comparing the DDJ-400 and the Inpulse 300.

           We could dive into a detailed discussion about the advantages of each controller. So that we can discover the superior choice overall in terms of benefits. However, DJs who are very particular when it comes to budget should be mindful. They need to be careful before they fully commit to the DDJ-400 and its offerings.

Navigating Complexity

           Both controllers can cater to those who just recently entered the DJing world. However, the one with the finer nuances earns more consideration.

           The DDJ-400 is a remarkable choice for aspiring DJs. However, it still needs a specific level of familiarity before you delve into it. That being said, there are certain features present in entry-level controllers that might be absent in this one.

           Even if some guides and tutorials will help utilize Rekordbox, the controller itself can have some important elements that are absent. These include a beatmatching guide. This will limit the access of those who want to embrace all that’s on offer.

Size and Weight Factors

           Another thing to consider is the DDJ-400’s dimensions. Even if it weighs just over four and a half pounds, it is still heavier than the Inpulse 300.

           If you are someone who prefers a lighter option, the size and weight of the DDJ-400 should be considered. This is because a minimal challenge can be faced when transporting the DDJ-400.

Final Thoughts

           The Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 is one of the controllers that can be an excellent offer for potential buyers. For those who are journeying into the DJing world, the DDJ-400 is a strong competitor if you want to have the best choice. This is due to its thoughtful design and features.

           However, it is noteworthy to acknowledge that alternatives also deserve consideration. Although the DDJ-400 houses excellent attributes, you should also explore a broader landscape. And with that, let us dive into what the Inpulse 300 has to offer.

Hercules Inpulse 300: Unveiling an Ideal Choice

           Although not on the same level as Pioneer DJ, Hercules has produced some remarkable devices. One of those who are positioned as a notable contender in their lineup is the Inpulse 300.

           This controller highlights affordability without compromising quality. This makes it a prime choice for beginners in the DJing world.

           When it comes to dimensions, the Inpulse 300 is more compact than the DDJ-400. It weighs 3.9 lbs. with dimensions of 18.9-inch width, 11.3-inch depth, and 2-inch height.

Features that Impress Us:

Exceptional Affordability

           Let us delve into the most evident distinction between the two controllers: their prices. One of the priorities of the Inpulse 300 is affordability. This catches the attention of those who want to start DJing without a big budget.

           With a price of no more than $200, it can already give a performance level comparable to the DDJ-400. This can be a cost-effective entrance for aspiring DJs who want to test the waters without a large investment.

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Tailored for Beginners

           Both controllers have their merits when it comes to catering to beginners. The DDJ-400 is a remarkable entry-level option. On the other hand, the Inpulse 300 highlights its commitment to those new to the craft.

           One of its outstanding features is its beatmatching guide. This helps users when they are mastering beatmatching and understanding the nuances of live performance. They can be either among friends or in the comfort of their own space.

Enhanced Portability

           Aside from its beginner-friendly attributes, the Impulse 300 takes satisfaction in its easy and compact design. This is one of the features that sets it apart from the DDJ-400, in terms of portability.

           This is also a go-to choice for individuals looking for controllers. The majority of the cause is its lighter weight and smaller form. They can bring their creative hub anywhere as it is easy to carry.

           Although the DDJ-400 has a portability factor as well, it is unmatched by the Inpulse 300. This proves that the Inpulse-300 is more convenient for spontaneous DJ sessions. Truly, it made a name as one of the most versatile controllers that DJs can have.

Aspects We Find Less Favorable:

Exploring the Inpulse 300’s Aspects to Consider

           It is undeniable that both controllers have high-quality features. However, there are specific aspects where the Inpulse 300 does not match the level of the DDJ-400. It is important to consider these differences as you make your decision.

Build Quality Comparison

           One note-worthy difference that strikes out is the discrepancy in overall build quality. The DDJ-400 exhibits a sense of professionalism and authenticity. Meanwhile, the Inpulse 300 has a “toy-like” impression that is hard to leave unnoticed. 

           It would not be precise to call it “unpleasant” or poor”. However, it is beyond doubt that the craftsmanship of Pioneer DJ sets it apart for those who want a genuine controller experience.

Software Discrepancies

           When it comes to software considerations, the Inpulse 300 has some drawbacks that are worth discussing. Unlike Pioneer DJ’s consistent Rekordbox inclusion, Hercules’s software package failed to make a significant impact.

           The software inclusion by Hercules is called Djuced. One limitation of Djuced is it lacks the spectacular intricacies of Rekordbox. It is also strikingly less robust than Rekordbox when it comes to tools and compatibility. Moreover, Djuced is restricted in its scope and only caters to Hercules’ specific market. In contrast to Rekordbox, it works smoothly with a variety of controllers.

Final Verdict

           The Inpulse 300 undoubtedly provides an outstanding entry point for aspiring DJs. This is particularly a match with DJs who have a limited budget. As well as those who want to be introduced to the world of DJing.

           However, it should be noted that the DDJ-400 has a more comprehensive package. This controller is preferred by individuals who have a clearer version of their DJing journey. On the other hand, the Inpulse 300 still presents feasible options. It is also under a reasonable price of under $200. 

Comparing Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 and Hercules Inpulse 300: Making the Choice

           The choice when selecting between the two controllers lies in your level of DJing proficiency. Your decision should line up with your experience and familiarity with the world of DJing. This will help form your preference for either of the two options.

           If you want a more substantial and well-rounded DJing experience, the DDJ-400 is fit for you. However, if you want a budget-friendly and functional controller, then you might want to consider the Impulse 300.

           Both controllers are fit for newcomers. Although you might view the DDJ-400 as something can can give all your needs, it can come across as a bit daunting. On the contrary, the Impulse 300 is more fit for individuals who just took their first steps in the DJing world. However, once you learn the basics, it could eventually lose its appeal.

           Given that both controllers have a lot of merits, it is not an easy decision to make. However, if you have the budget, then investing in the Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 is more worth it. You can gain increased longevity in terms of the controller. Furthermore, this can help you prepare for a more professional DJ career. The $50 difference can give you rewarding results. 

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