Serato DJ vs Virtual DJ: Choose The Best DJ Software!

If you are considering upgrading your DJing skills to the digital realm, two of the most popular software options are Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ. This time, we will traverse their features and functionalities for you to properly compare the two programs. This will guide you in your journey to finding the best DJ software for you. Will it be the Serato DJ Pro version 2.2.2 or Virtual DJ 2020? 

User Interface and Customization

           For its 2020 version, Virtual DJ went through a remarkable transformation. It challenges other DJ software when it comes to aesthetics with its dark matte color scheme and flat design. It also has a refreshed user interface that offers ample customization options. This allows DJs to have layouts and waveform displays that are personalized by them. DJs can express their creativity and experiment using various layouts during performances.

Serato DJ pro

           On the other hand, Serato DJ’s interface did not change much. It is still well-organized and remains familiar to its users. When an interface is well-organized, it is more convenient for beginner DJs to navigate it. Moreover, if the software has a familiar interface, then efficient and accurate performances by experienced DJs can be ensured.It contains high-resolution options for laptops that have higher-resolution displays. Its interface continues to be user-friendly and well-ordered which is one of the reasons why it has reduced potential technical difficulties. However, it is not as customizable as Virtual DJ’s interface which can hinder a DJ’s creative expression and be inflexible with different styles and workflows.

Music Library Management

           High-powered tools for arranging digital music collections can be found in both Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ. The ability to create crates and smart crates is achieved with Serato DJ Pro. This means that it can allow DJs to manage their music library more efficiently. It can find the right tracks quickly without the need to search through the song list manually. Moreover, it allows nested sub crates which creates an organization system for music collection with hierarchy. It can create main crates for broad categories while sub crates for specific ones.Automatic inclusion of tracks based on specific criteria can also be achieved. It means that a DJ does not need to add tracks to a playlist manually. This is because it will include tracks that match a specific criterion automatically.

Virtual DJ

           Meanwhile, Virtual DJ highlights both virtual and filter folders. This combination can smoothen a DJ’s workflow. This is due to the virtual folder’s ability to curate folders for specific events, then use filter folders to adjust their selections during a performance. Additionally, one of its highlights is the Genius DJ Tool which provides track suggestions based on what is being played.

Streaming Support

One of the essential features that modern DJs needs is music streaming. Thankfully, both Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ have embodied this trend. Virtual DJ shows its support for music streaming through various services like iDJPool, Digitrax, and Deezer. For the 2020 version, SoundCloud and Beatport LINK are included already. On the other hand, Serato DJ Pro added Soundcloud and TIDAL as support for streaming. If a subscription is made to a specific streaming service, then it grants access and mixes tracks directly within the software.

Hardware Compatibility

           In the case of hardware compatibility, Virtual DJ offers a wider range of support. Its developers, albeit unofficially in some cases. Furthermore, its developers are eager in adding support for newly released hardware. Consequently, Serato DJ Pro has a notable list of hardware that they support officially. This guarantees performance and integration that is seamless and consistent. Moreover, DJs that timecode vinyl records to use turntables will obtain support for DVS (digital vinyl system) in both programs.

Key Matching and Harmonic Mixing

Virtual DJ’s 2020 version, has a new harmonic key matching feature that they introduced. This allows automatic syncing of the keys of two tracks playing, as long as they are within one semitone of each other. For example, if a track is in C major, the software will automatically find tracks either in the key of C major, C# major, or B major. This can cause tracks to blend harmonically minus the clashing of musical keys. 

On the other hand, users of Serato DJ Pro have talked highly about its key matching feature through the Pitch ‘n Time DJ expansion pack. The feature allowed DJs to either shift or sync a track’s key to complement another. It also ensures more harmonious transitions as it can blend tracks that have compatible musical keys. 

Video Mixing and Visuals

           For the visuals, both Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ made sure to incorporate it into their sets. Virtual DJ has a large assortment of effects for video transitions. This can stimulate the performance’s visual flair which can captivate the audience even more. Meanwhile, Serato Video’s 64-bit update established an improved video performance on Mac computers. However, this can cause disadvantages to non-Mac users. 

           When it comes to waveforms, Virtual DJs are positioned below the deck. This can help DJs to have an enhanced visibility of the entire track waveform. It is quite similar to Serato DJ Pro’s extended layout. It enables the waveform to be displayed in a wider space which can be useful when identifying particular elements within a track.

Pricing and Licensing

           Another good thing about Serato DJ Pro is that it has various pricing options that can be offered to the market. You can choose between a one-time license fee or a monthly subscription plan if you are on a tight budget. On the other hand, Virtual DJ has a free version which is convenient for those who want to try it out first. If you want to purchase the pro license, then it unlocks all the other features like video mixing and key shifting.


           Through the years, both Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ have gained time-honored reputations due to their reliable and powerful software deliveries. If you prefer more modern and advanced software, then Virtual DJ might be the perfect match for you. However, if you seek stability and familiarity, then Serato DJ Pro could be your best choice. 

In the end, both programs have excellent features for their respective areas. The final choice will depend on your preferences and how you weigh down their features. Choose the software that matches your style and workflow when it comes to DJing. Don’t forget to share it with us and comment down below if you already made the choice.

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