What is new in Pioneer CDJ 3000?

DJs and fans alike have long been waiting for the miraculous Pioneer CDJ 3000. By September 2020, the long wait is over; after 4 years, Pioneer decided to release the updated version of their flagship CDJ.  And most DJs all over the world had sworn that their capabilities are far superior to those of the strongest contenders in the market.

Pioneer DJ revealed that their latest product, CDJ 3000’s new CPU, is the most powerful of any player on the market. It paves the way for 3000’s enhanced audio processing and additional capabilities, and users will be able to upgrade it with new features in the future. The music quality and stability of the system are better than ever thanks to a cutting-edge microprocessing unit. Truly, it is the best-sounding deck that Pioneer DJ has ever made. And it lets you do more artistic things with sound than ever before.

In this article, we’ll present to you what is new in Pioneer CDJ 3000. Check them out below.


One of the best things that the CDJ 3000 has to offer is that there is no CD drive anymore. The ver. 3000 is now multiplayer while still retaining the USB drive and SD Card options from before. The music can be exported from the RekordBox software through a USB attachment on the back. But, it is also compatible with fellow software products such as Virtual DJ, Serato DJ Pro, Pro DJ Link, and Algoriddim DJAY Pro. Furthermore, it will unlock the record box if you do want to stream. But unfortunately, it is just within the RekordBox software as there is no on-board streaming in this unit. Also, one of its disadvantages is that there is no available internet or Wi-Fi options just yet, and hopefully Pioneer will do something about that. Another con is the lack of a dual layer for RCA audio and digital audio from the turntables, which can be quite frustrating, especially for those who prefer such an upgrade from the previous models.

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New 9” Touch Display

Another upgrade from the 3000 is its 9” touch display, which is considered to be 150 times brighter than its predecessors. It’s ideal for daytime parties and anywhere that might hinder showing what was written on the screen. With its new touch display, users can now toggle through any artist’s tracks, history, and various folders whenever they want. What’s more, is that it also has a “preview waveform,” wherein a DJ can listen to a preview of a song from their headphones. This is helpful at times when it’s time for a mash-up or another song to be put on in the playlist.

New Features Available

Since we now live in an instant world, it’s great that electronics have also kept up with the trend. With CDJ 3000, we can expect more especially with the new features available for artists to like. It’s built-in with new hardware controls for performances, more specifically, the 8 new hot cue buttons are located at the display. Its beat jump buttons allow DJs to skim through tracks and skip on them, making it perfect for those who need fewer intervals. Another thing to look forward to is its key sync button, which shifts the track’s key to master the harmonics of its master deck. Talk about an upgrade!

Well-Built Body

Pioneer has long been known in the market for its durability and efficiency on their products. So, it comes as no surprise that the latest CDJ 3000 is a well-built merchandise that no one can top off. Equipped with a brand-new aluminum faceplate and a set of smooth jog wheels, users can experience joy in its high-resolution central display. Believe us when we tell you that it reduces the risk of loose scratching. Moreover, the product looks like it’s well-made, a testament to what Pioneer can offer.

Improved Utilities

While the utilities show little signs of an update, we hope that the makers of Pioneer products would find time to upgrade what’s needed for the set-up. On a typical setting, it consists of touch and release, LCD brightness, display brightness, load lock, cue color, cue auto load, quantized beat value, and many more.

Fantastic Sound Quality

Pioneer DJ has carefully tested and rebuilt each part of its audio circuitry to make the best sound possible. With a new DAC (digital-to-analog converter) on board, the new CDJ-3000 can handle music in all file formats at 96 kHz/32-bit floating. This makes any music file that you stream on this player sound better. Professionals and fans alike have shown respect towards Pioneer’s CDJ 3000s, largely due to the fact that it has the best-sounding deck that the manufacturer has released. It also relies heavily on its great onboard technology, so first-time users might find it difficult to adjust immediately. But, what’s a little training if it’s for the best?

The Verdict

Whether you’re a fan of Pioneer products or just simply an enthusiast in the field of DJing, Pioneer has proven itself to be among the best in the market. As the brand guarantees to satisfy both the user and the experience, it managed to keep a steady fanbase due to its products being reliable and efficient across different units. Others might find the product underwhelming due to its similarities with Pioneer’s previous DJ products, and others find that it’s a pretty decent upgrade from what they’ve seen. While it’s true that there is still plenty of room for Pioneer to explore and develop their line, it’s important to note also that they served with great pride in putting the client’s needs first before anything else. Buyers may opt-in on the capabilities that the CDJ 3000 has to offer, as well as its new features. Or they could also wait and see if there’s an even better outcome that could rival its potential. Overall, the choice will always fall unto your hands. And if you see that CDJ 3000 is everything that you’ve wished for in a turntable, we hope that you’ll enjoy it for the rest of your chosen career.

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