Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7: the best scratch dJ controller!

            When we are talking about controllers designed for both technical scratch DJs and hip-hop enthusiasts, one of the most powerful of its kind is the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7. With well-calculated and excellent features, this controller is an ideal fit for scratching enthusiasts. However, nothing is perfect, so our team conducted a six-month trial period wherein we examined the DDJ-REV7 on a deeper level for us to determine its strengths, weaknesses, and by what means is it claimed to be Rane One’s main competitor.

The Exemplary Seven-Inch Motorized Jog Wheels



The seven-inch motorized jog wheels of the DDJ-REV7 are one of its focal points. Aside from being a dupe to vinyl record feel, motorized jog wheels produce accurate scratching and juggling. Due to the wheels’ responsiveness, smooth music control, allows DJs to carry out complex scratch routines. The vinyl-like texture that the jogs have gives out an undisputed feel as if you are using real vinyl turntables. Moreover, the jog wheels include a 3.5-inch LCD. This makes up for its lack of platters that can be customized by the user. This LCD can also ensure that necessary track information can be provided in several view configurations.

Comparing DDJ-REV7 to Rane One

            To start with the jog wheels, both the DDJ-REV7 and Rane One possess receptive and incredible ones. However, the DDJ-REV7 is one step ahead because of its 3.5-inch LCD on-jog display. This LCD has a vinyl-like feel for its platter and it allows fast access to crucial track information. Furthermore, the LCD can provide concurrent tracking of information on the jog wheel directly. This will allow easier acquisition of important details about the track that is currently playing without looking at the main screen. Display of BPM, elapsed time, track title, and artist information grants a high-speed selection of tracks with accurate cue point placement.

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DDJ-REV7 vs. Rane One: Deck Layout and Features    


            The deck section of the DDJ-REV7 offers an exceptional five-inch tempo fader which is placed horizontally. This position can give familiarity to turntablists, but it is burdensome when DJ sessions extend some time. It allows for more exact and subtle adjustments to the pitch or tempo of a track. Whenever a DJ is making small changes so that the BOM of two tracks will match, the tempo fader can enable smooth transitions during these times.

A particular feature that stands out is its instant scratch function that allows fast activation of built-in sounds that do not need a laptop connection. Additionally, it can permit DJs to navigate to a track’s specific point without difficulty. It will also allow DJs to cue up the next track precisely within the first beat. This will ensure that the transitions between songs are accurate and smooth.

This greatly enables practice for scratching as well as experimentation. Another thing that helps the DDJ-REV7 be striking is its compatibility with Serato DJ which means it provides competence for streaming various platforms like Tidal, producing playlists that are specifically made for DJs. This will allow DJs to navigate through the software’s functions using the controller’s buttons and knobs which permits a more coherent workflow. Moreover, Serato DJ offers a plug-and-play setup which provides more feasibility to its users. This means that anyone can start DJing immediately once the controller is connected to a computer and as soon as the software is launched.

            When were talking about layouts, the DDJ-REV7 be of interest to those who are familiar with professional mixers such as the DJM-S7, S9, or S11. Meanwhile, the Rane One offers a more familiar layout to its users. This is the perfect match for beginner DJs who want to level up their controllers to a more advanced one.

Mixer Section and Faceplate Durability

            The mixer section of the DDJ-REV7 presents solid three-band EQ trim and filter knobs. The three-band EQ will grant DJs the ability to adjust a track’s low, mid, and high frequencies. Furthermore, DJs can shape the sound to their liking precisely with the help of dedicated knobs for each band. This means that it can eliminate any unwanted frequency and provide more emphasis on the desired elements of the music. 

With 22 built-in effects in its effect section, the DDJ-REV7 can be more feasible for DJs because of the assortment of options that it can offer. It will allow DJs to add elements to their mixes that are unique and creative. This is because they can apply filters, echoes, reverbs, and more to any track which can add more texture to the sound.

            For performance pads, both units are standards which means they can provide additional creative control to DJs when they are performing. They can pre-mark a song’s specific points to trigger them during a performance and allow seamless transitions. Moreover, the crossfaders for both units are equally smooth and durable so a smooth transition without any abrupt jumps between two audio sources is ensured. This is crucial especially when mixing while maintaining a steady flow during a DJ set. However, if you are looking for a controller that will have a longer lifespan, then Rane One is for you. This is because it has a faceplate that is more durable and scratch resistant. 

Software Compatibility

            For software compatibility, there is no doubt that the Rane One is preferable because it is more flexible. The Rane One is compatible with Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ, and Algoriddim DJ Pro, unlike the DDJ-REV7 which is exclusive to Serato DJ only. A controller that supports multiple software options is more convenient because a DJ can use the software that they prefer without being restricted to a specific software platform.


   The journey to finding the perfect scratch DJ controller is not easy. It took six months for us to prove that the DDJ-REV7 is an exceptional controller not just for scratch DJs but for hip-hop enthusiasts as well. You can have a more enhanced DJing experience with its motorized jog wheels, on-jog display feature, and instant scratch function. It may have some limitations, but it is a controller that transcends when it comes to functionality and features that give rise to improved performance. 

            The choice comes down to personal preferences, especially if you compare the DDJ-REV7 to the Rane One. If you want a controller with a traditional setup, then the Rane One is for you. However, if you are someone who seeks a controller that offers advanced features then the DDJ-REV7 is the perfect match for you.

            So, what controller works best for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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