Things to Consider Before Buying used DJ Controller!

As a buyer, it’s only right to know what’s the best in today’s market. A lot of DJ products have branded themselves to be the finest in the field of music, and they sometimes ride on that privilege to sell their products more expensively. Now, for someone who is on a tight budget but still wants quality, it’s fair to opt-in on secondhand products. Because their only issue is that they’re no longer brand-new, secondhand products are a great way to shell out your money, especially the popular-branded products. But the question is? Is it worth it to pick up a secondhand DJ controller for use?

Picking up a secondhand DJ controller can be a great way to save some money if you’re on a budget and to get your hands on your favorite expensive controller. In the secondhand market, there are a lot of options for DJ controllers that are available. They can vary in months or years, depending on how old they were when their first owner used them. It does not matter how long they are used, if you also consider how well they were preserved and if they follow the normal wear and tear for their standard age, then you’re good to go.

1.    Always Check Your DJ Controller Yourself

The most important thing you could do while buying a used DJ controller is to check it out yourself. Most of the time, you cannot trust what’s posted up on a website or an online marketing page. What you can do for this matter is to check out the original specs of your desired controller and then ask the seller if the product still has those. Be wary of buying refurbished products – some parts might not be genuine like the original. Moreover, always seek to meet the seller first before promising to buy the product he/she is selling to you. Remember that it’s a major red flag if the buyer refuses your requests or would not answer the questions you may ask. It’s better to be cautious first before you dive in on the offer.

2.    Be Aware of the Physical Wear and Tear

The one thing you can ask the seller about is the DJ controller’s physical wear and tear. Make sure to check out when the product was launched, and if it is worth buying it from the date it was released. All products have a normal wear and tear time, and check if it is still worth buying based on its condition – the scratches, dents, and buttons, knobs, jog wheels, and controls. You also need to make sure how many months or years it was in possession of the owner, and how many times he/she has used it during this time. The more appropriate questions you ask, the more you are avoiding the risk of buying secondhand items.

3.    Evaluate its Music Quality

Apart from its physical qualifications, you also need to evaluate the sound quality that the DJ controller possesses. For your jog wheels, it should deliver a smooth and quiet sound, with no tweaking or abnormalities involved. Depending on the music you want to play, you have to guarantee that it will still uphold a nice quality for your DJing needs. Take note of its FX, delay effects, tempo control, mixer, faders, etc.

4.    Test Out its Cables

To make sure that you are buying a worthy product, always bring with you your laptop to test out the DJ controller. Remember that although the product may look flawless and with no scratch from the outside, it may not assure you that everything is fine on the inside. Test out the ports and the cables of the product, then see for it yourself if it delivers a satisfying click. Then, install DJ software compatible with your controller beforehand so that you may be able to connect with the controller digitally. If there are no issues whatsoever, then you’ve found a great deal out of the DJ controller you’re about to buy. If the seller allows it, you can try and mix up tunes and test out the tempo control, sound effects, and loops from your device down to your controller.

5.    Know its Value and Align its Discounted Price

Lastly, be aware of the controller’s price. Because you’re trying to buy a secondhand item, it is apparent then that you’re after a discounted price of the product. If you’re buying a brand that is popular in the DJ realm, then you must be aware of its original price. Weigh in its markdown then – if it is a steal or fair for its overall value. Don’t be too attached to popular brands that are sold for a cheap amount; most of the time, there are various reasons why a seller would sell it for that low cost. And trust us when we say that you do not want to be scammed for something important like buying a DJ controller. If, however, you have an allotted budget for your equipment, decide whether or not you should stick to it. Good deals may not come back that easily, and you be careful with your decisions.


If you are a DJ or still an aspiring one, you should always aim for what’s best for your setup. Even for budgetary reasons that you can no longer hope for brand-new equipment, you can still aim for your dream setup as long as you research and find out some great deals in the market. Whether you’re willing to save enough money to buy a brand-new DJ controller or you’ve found contentment in settling with a preloved one, the choice will be up to you.

Always remember to be wary of buying secondhand items and do not put your trust easily to sellers that do not cater to your needs. Be careful when making deals on the online market, as scammers nowadays are getting more creative with their tactics. Note that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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