adam audio a5x review: must read before buying!

If you want to make your home recordings sound more professional, investing in a set of studio monitors should be at the top of your checklist.

The ability to hear your mixes in minute detail is crucial to the success of any music producer. As a result, picking the right studio monitor is of the utmost importance for you to be able to obtain high-quality results. And so, if you want to make significant strides in your music-making, you have to make sure that you’re properly geared up for that to happen.

And so, we’re here to introduce to you the Adam Audio A5x, one of the most talked-about studio monitors currently available in today’s market. Come check out its characteristics and what it has in store for you.

Why You Should Read Reviews Before Buying

While finding a perfect set of studio monitors (or any other devices for that matter) can be a bit of a headache, it’s important for you to explore more on your options rather than settling down on the first thing that you see. As smart buyers, we know how important it is to do research on a product and think about its pros and cons before we buy it. with that, it’s great that the internet gives us access to so much information that we can learn everything we need to know about a piece of equipment before we decide to buy it. So, there should be no excuses on your part as a smart buyer.

The Adam Audio A5x review

The main goal of good studio monitor speakers is to give you a clear picture of the sound you’re making. This honest look at your music may show you some problems with the way you mix it, which is not a bad thing. With Adam Audio A5x, it reassures you that it produces sound with precision, and is among the most trusted studio monitors by professionals around the world.



The power switch and volume control can be found up front. Then, the volume control has a detent on the central 0dB point, making it easy to set quickly. There is also a power LED and a stereo link LED that lights up when you use it. Moreover, at the back are stereo link inputs and outputs, as well as an unbalanced RCA input and a balanced XLR input. If you connect both an RCA and an XLR cable, the A5Xs will mix the signals and play both channels.

Another great thing about the A5X is that it has these knobs that let you fine-tune the frequency response by up to +/- 6 decibels. For example, you can turn one of these knobs to change the high-frequency response from 5kHz, the low-frequency response at 300Hz, and the tweeter level.

Sound Qualities

Because the Adam Audio A5Xs are studio monitors, they have a flat sound signature. This means they are made for professional sound work. If you want to use them in your studio for mixing and mastering, they will work great for such measures.

That being said, many people think that studio monitors sound dull because they’re flat, but that has never been the case for us, especially with the A5Xs, which are truly exceptional.

Design and Build

The A5Xs impressive industrial design features a metal waveguide for the tweeter and numerous screws. However, due to limitations in physical design, the A5X features these peculiarly shaped holes in order to accommodate the speaker’s front port.

In terms of its build, it’s very well-made; the front fascia, in particular, appears to be constructed from a material that is almost too sturdy and dense to be plastic; it has a very matte and rough texture, suggesting that it is the sort of material that will retain its current appearance for a very long time.

What’s more is that they look great with a variety of skins, whether you want to keep them a basic color like white or go all out with a jungle skin.

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The Adam’s X-Art tweeter, found in the A5X, is an Air Motion Transformer Tweeter that functions differently than a regular dome tweeter, boasting a larger surface area and the ability to push air four times faster.

Moreover, a Class D amplifier powers the woofer on the A5X, while a Class A/B amplifier powers the X-Art tweeter. You would somehow feel that there will be heat coming off from the A5X so occasionally, you have to turn off the device or buy a cooler for it to cool off. Not suitable for remixes that require long hours of use of the studio monitors.

Sound Technicalities

What you hear from A5X speakers is exactly what you’ve been looking for in speakers for a very long time in terms of how they sound technically. When you listen to these speakers, you don’t think that any part of how they play sound could be better. While there are speakers that are great for listening, the A5Xs are the only ones that sound almost to perfection with a little dash of ‘magic’ on the side. Audiophiles can really see these becoming their go-to speakers on every occasion.

In terms of its soundstage, the A5Xs are so three-dimensional, and the sound they produce is very realistic and full of fine details. In addition to the great left and right stereo images, these speakers sound even better because of the depth and width of their soundstage and how precisely the instruments are placed in 3D space. Furthermore, the optimal positioning for these speakers is surprisingly broad – this means that even if you sit in a strange way in front of them, they will still give you that holographic sound experience.


So, the big question is, should you get these monitors?

That’s your choice of course, but if they fit your budget, you should really think about getting them. If you heard how good they sound, I would be surprised if you didn’t think they were a great deal. 

Compared to other studio monitors we’ve reviewed; these are the best. The M-Audios are a stepping stone, but they can’t be compared to these. Furthermore, the X-Art tweeter makes a noticeable improvement in the sound’s clarity and crispness. Overall, it’s a pretty great kind of studio monitor.

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