the best inexpensive studio monitors: under 150$

Are you in the hunt for the perfect studio monitor but you are on a tight budget? Fear not because we will present to you the best studio monitors for under $150. Continue reading if you also want to find out what studio monitor gives a high-quality sound without spending so much money.

Mackie CR3-X

One of the most popular pairs of budget studio monitors is the Mackie CRXs. The $99 studio monitors offer a combination of quality performance and economical price. With their black and green finish, they are perfect for a home studio environment due to their 3-inch cones. It can deliver an accurate and balanced sound when listened to in smaller spaces. Moreover, they are also beginner friendly because they can be set up easily with the provided cables which means that anyone can independently do the set up themselves without the assistance of any professional.

The additional software makes it more feasible for any users especially the ones who are just starting to explore this field. They also come in a limited number of white-colored models in case you want your studio monitor to have a clean and minimalist design.

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Elyse’s Elevate 5 MKI

When it comes to sizes, Elyse’s Elevate MK2s are on top of the list. With an elegant glossy black finish, these $130 monitors offer a 5-inch cone which means that they can provide better reproduction of low-frequency and higher sound pressure levels. They have unique reflex ports which allow enhancement of the bass output and extend the range of the low-end frequencies to improve the low-frequency response of the speaker system.

Furthermore, they have a solid build quality which means that they are well-constructed because they feel sturdy and durable. When your monitor is solidly constructed, its internal components are very secure which lessens the risks that could hinder with the sound quality such as vibrations and resonance. However, some users may have a perception that they are made from plastic, or they have a plastic feel. Nonetheless, their ability to produce an impressive low-end performance makes them a strong competitor for the best budget-friendly studio monitors.

Pioneer DM40

As the studio monitors that are favored by budding EDM producers and DJs, these $150 studio monitors with a matte black finish have a 3-inch cone that can easily connect to your decks. They provide a flat frequency response which allows the reproduction of audio that has an equal volume among all frequencies that produces an accurate sound reproduction. However, they lack TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) output connections which means that they cannot connect additional audio equipment as there are no output jacks with TRS cables.

Despite this, the Pioneer DM40s can still deliver an alluring low-end experience that will allow users to accurately listen to bass frequencies without distortion. Moreover, an excellent low-end experience can help you control and shape the bass elements in a better way to ensure an overall powerful and balanced sound.

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JBL One Series 104

If you are a music enthusiast, then you probably heard of the JBL One Series. At $130, they have an all-black finish with a round shape that emits sophistication and style. Music lovers will enjoy their JBL-quality sound delivery which means that they embody the standards that are set by JBL, an audio equipment manufacturer that has a big reputation and is well-respected in the industry.

Moreover, a Bluetooth option is available at a higher cost which is $180, but their base model is already enough for it to be a favorite among Mesophiles.

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M Audio BX-4

If you are looking for new studio monitors that were just recently released in the market, the M Audio BX-4s is the one for you. Retailing at around $150, these monitors are designed in a clean matte black finish manifesting a polished appearance. They have a 4.5-inch cone that creates sound waves and reproduces not just midrange but bass frequencies as well.

Just like the Elevate MK2s, the front panel feels slightly plasticky, but it boasts a solid build quality which gives assurance that they can last long and can stand up to regular use without significant wear and tear. Additionally, their innovative auto switch feature is favorable to users as it provides seamless connection towards multiple devices because they can automatically switch from one audio input source to another.

After detecting an active audio input, the motors will switch to that input source automatically so that the user can hear the audio output from the device that it is connected to without the need to manually change the settings.

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Presonus Eris E3.5

There are a lot of studio monitors that are under $100 but it is undeniable that it is hard to trust stores that offer them in the market. Nevertheless, we found the Presonus Eris E3.5 that is on a different level than the others due to its matte black finish and blue 3.5-inch cones which provides a magnificent sound.

These monitors only cost $99 but they have a guarantee when it comes to longevity which will save you more money because they do not need to be replaced frequently which will reduce their demand for upgrades or repairs. Moreover, the clean sound that they deliver both in music production and referencing. These clean sounds will provide you with an accurate representation of any audio that is being played. Moreover, during music production, they will guide producers and engineers whenever they are making decisions about audio adjustments and mixing.

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These qualities indeed prove their worth as the best $100 studio monitor in the market.

Anyone deserves to have a high-quality and budget-friendly studio monitor even if you are just starting in the industry or a mere music lover who wants to elevate your listening equipment. Spend a lot of time reading the list that we made and making sure to reflect on yourself for you to be able to choose the perfect studio monitor that matches your personality.

Do you have a favorite based on the list? Comment down below because we would love to hear your thoughts about them.

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