The Ultimate Guide to the Best Studio Monitor Stand!

Precision and clarity play essential roles so that professional-grade audio can be achieved. This is very important for content creators, producers, and music enthusiasts. The quality of your sound reproduction is important, whether you are polishing your gaming setup, editing podcasts, or crafting your latest track. And this is where the repeatedly underestimated hero of your setup comes into the light – the studio monitor stand.

           In this article, we will explore the complicated details that differentiate these studio monitor stands. Starting from their ergonomic designs to their well-built construction. Continue reading and join us as we traverse the art of choosing the studio monitor stand that perfectly matches you. Both starters and professionals are welcome on this trip, so sit back, and carefully read each description.

On-Stage SMS6000

           A true multifaceted and professional-grade studio monitor is the On-Stage SMS6000. It provides excellent positioning and support for your studio monitors. This stand is a favorite among producers, musicians, and audio enthusiasts due to its durability and adjustability. 

           The On-Stage SMS6000 is made from steel which is a major contributing factor to its sturdiness. Steel is known for having outstanding strength and durability. Furthermore, bending or warping over time can be prevented even if they are used to support heavier monitors. They also help in absorbing vibrations. This is because of its dampening properties which are crucial in maintaining accurate sound quality.

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           When it comes to adjustability, the On-Stage SMS6000 has something to offer. Its height is adjustable from 32” to 52”. This can help cater to different user preferences and setups. Moreover, it has a stable and spacious platform that measures 9″ x 9″. This allows the accommodation of different studio monitor sizes. Additionally, the rubberized pads on its surface help isolate your monitors from vibrations. Most stands also include leveling spikes which help the monitors stand on uneven surfaces. As well as safety pins which give another layer of security because they prevent the monitor to slide accidentally.

           All these features make the On-Stage SMS6000 studio monitor stand one of the most reliable and practical choices for those who are looking for adjustability and stability.

On-Stage SMS6600

           This $106 stand is a step ahead when it comes to stability. It has a 14” foot stand which is hexagon shaped. This allows more stability compared to the On-Stage SMS6000, which was triangle shaped. They can be adjusted from 36.5” to 54” with its pin positioner. This is very helpful because you can just relocate the pin easily. You do not need to turn any screws for you to change their height. Moreover, it can hold up to 90 pounds of weight. This permits compatibility with a large range of monitor sizes and types. This also prepares you for potential upgrades in the future. You can invest in heavier monitors or add accessories without worrying about weight. 

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           It also comes with an additional clip for cable management. This will help you organize and clean your workspace easier. It will prevent cables from cluttering, hanging, or tangling the area around your stand. This stand is also less wobbly compared to the On-Stage SMS6000 which is why the money that you will pay is worth it.

Ultimate Support MS-90

           This stand is one of the most expensive on the list, retailing at $240, but it has a reason behind it. First, it has removable rubber pieces for sonic isolation. This provides a positive impact on sound quality. Rubber is an amazing material for dampening vibrations. This will allow the stand to absorb vibrations which could potentially affect the clarity of audio playback. 

           It also includes a cable channel which can greatly aide in organizing your cables. You can easily hide your cables inside the stand so it will not affect the other areas. Furthermore, with organized cables, you can identify troubleshoots and adjustments easier. However, this stand also has disadvantages.

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           It does not have an adjustable height. You can only choose between 36” and 45”, but we recommend the 36” one for desk setups. Moreover, it can only handle up to 75 pounds of weight. This might not be suitable for some heavier monitors which can limit your options when purchasing new monitors. 


           If you are planning to put your monitors closer to your desk, this $100 stand is perfect for you. It is made from steel which proves that it is very sturdy. This is beneficial if you want something that will last for a long time. It has an adjustable height from 13.2” to 13.5” with a platform that measures 9 x 9”. However, it can only hold weights of up to 60 pounds. This can cause instability when used with heavier monitors. You may experience wobbling which can potentially lead to a breakdown if you will not be careful. 

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           It has the amazing feature of tilting the platform up to 15 degrees. This will provide more comfort and ergonomic viewing. This will allow easier access when adjusting the monitor so that it can align with your line of sight. This can prevent strains in your neck and eyes.

Output Stands

           This may cost $300 per pair but has the most visually pleasing look on this list. It has an industrial design that is not just very appealing to the eye but is very stable as well. It has an adjustable height from 37” to 43”. Its platform is made of wood, and you can choose between brown, grey, and natural wood color for its design. The best thing about this is it can support a weight of up to 200 pounds. This can give you more options whenever you buy studio monitors. You do not need to adjust when it comes to its weight because it can hold almost any monitor on the market.

The right studio monitor stand, together with visual immersion and audio precision can make a great difference in your music production. As we end this journey, may you have carefully chosen what studio monitor stand best matches you. Do not be in a rush and consider all possibilities. This is the only way for you to transform your workspace and upgrade your music experience.

Comment down below if you have already chosen the perfect studio monitor stand for you.

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