Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 Vs Rane One: Which is the Best?

What happens if you compare the superior and the inferior? Will the answer always turn out to be obvious? Or there are certain factors that the underdog would win? Today, let’s discuss two DJ controllers: Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 vs Rane One – discuss their similarities and differences, and how a user could equally bring out the best out of them.

It’s an unquestionable truth in life that quality will always be first. So, when brands that bring such a thing particularly, in the DJ industry, it is known then that they will always be in the top spot on the hierarchy.

Notable brands that have established their name are Denon DJ and Pioneer DJ, so they’re at the topmost part of the game. Brands such as Rane or Numark then are sitting comfortably in the middlemost portion. You may think that the Pioneer may have won in this conversation, but once you’ve read what Rane has to offer, you would seriously doubt that preconception.

But first, let us introduce our contenders.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 is among the newest editions released by the renowned DJ brand, Pioneer. With its 2-deck DJ Controller, your sets are never better with its full power. At first view, the 7-inch jog wheels on the DDJ-REV7 might look a little different, which it is. The Pioneer company took a shot and gave each one an LCD screen that shows the bpm, the waveform, and even every album art. The device is 28.8 inches through, 15.05 inches in its depth, and 3.24 inches tall. It weighs about 24 pounds, which is quite hefty for a controller.


Large Scratch Mixer:

Since the REV7 is made by Pioneer DJ, it is made of high-end, high-quality materials that show you are working with something of the best quality. It’s bigger and longer than the Rane One, and it’s a little less heavy, so even though it’s big, it’s not too hard to carry.

Better Jog Wheel Setup:

Jog wheels are some of Pioneer’s greatest innovations. You may argue about several things about Pioneer, but you can never say no to the greatness that they bring to their jog wheels. REV7’s motorized jog wheels have been improved to better suit the definition of “the best” in the market. The steadiness of the 7-inch jog wheels is more like that of a 12-inch turntable. Moreover, the jog wheels feel like old-school spinning records due to them being made of vinyl.

Remarkable Features

Another fantastic addition to REV7’s already great setup is that it has a ton of features that blow away anything even slightly similar to the Rane One. Examples are the up-fader, reverse, and contour/curve which can all be changed separately on the REV7, unlike its competitor. Qualities such as Smooth Echo and Silent Cue, Instant Scratch, and 22 different Beat FX features are also present in this latest edition.

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Extremely Expensive DJ Controller

It’s totally expected, but one of the biggest cons of Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 (or any Pioneer product for this matter) is its costly price. It’s not budget-friendly equipment, and you may find it hard to shell out your money for this. When compared to Rane One, it’s significantly expensive so you better cross this one out if you’re looking for something affordable this instant.

Not A Full-on Metal Body Equipment

The fact that the REV7 isn’t made of metal, even though it costs so much more than the Rane One, is kind of meant to show how bad the price is. Yes, it does use high-quality plastic in the places where it is mixed, but for that price, you’d expect superb quality in all areas of its build.

Rane One

Next, we have Rane One Motorized DJ Controller that assures you it will bring out the best DJ abilities that you have. Much like the vinyl mold of the Pioneer DJ controller, Rane One’s 7-inch motorized platters have acrylic discs on top that give them a vintage look. Rane One also weighs over 24 pounds and measures 26.5 inches in width, 13.6 inches in depth, and 4.9 inches in height.


Budget-Friendly Price

Perhaps the biggest pro of the Rane One compared to Pioneer’s REV7 is its budget-friendly price. Beginners will like how it will suit well to their ideal DJ setup, given that Rane One is closer to REV7 in terms of quality. Such a steal.

It is User-Friendly for Beginners

The one thing that Rane One is that Pioneer REV7 is not is that it has a traditional feel. REV7’s more innovative and complicated to operate if you’re still a newbie in the DJ industry, so it might not be for you if you up the standard feel. For Rane One who stuck to an old-style feel, this is great for those who are still exploring their options.

All-Metal Body

For something that’s quite affordable, you would be shocked to know that Rane One is built with an all-metal body. While both DJ controllers are built for sustainability and efficiency, Rane One’s metal chassis is an easy plus.

Awesome Power Capacity

This may be often overlooked, but Rane One’s power cables are one of its huge advantages. Rane One is built to charge faster and can easily get to full power, in comparison to Pioneer REV7’s standard charging. Rane did show the DJ world who’s the boss here.

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Has Lacking Features

If you compare Rane One to Pioneer REV7, you would really get what you pay for. Despite being advantageous for both the price and its charging power, Rane One is still quite lacking the overall impressive setup. Instant Scratch, smooth echo, and silent cues are among the REV7’s biggest advantages, and sadly, Rane One doesn’t have that. If you’re a veteran DJ or someone whose DJ expertise is above level, then this DJ controller may not be pushing you toward greatness.

Overall, the strength of a DJ lies in his/her abilities and not in the controller. However, it’s best to opt-in on a controller that could deliver you to your highest potential. Whether or not you’re a fan of flagship brands or you don’t overlook the underdogs, the choice will always be based upon you and the skills you want to enhance as a performing DJ.

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