how to get unreleased music?

As a practicing DJ, one of the most important things you need to figure out is how to get unreleased music for you to play. Not a lot of people would figure this out, but it is to your advantage if you’re playing unreleased music in comparison to those DJs who play the typical released ones all year round.

It’s normal for a DJ to play and access music that has already been released. But, when it comes to new music that hasn’t been released yet, the rules are a little different. DJs nowadays seem to always get their hands on new songs before they’re made available to everyone else.

The more options you play out for your convenience, the more people will see how great you are as a DJ. But the reality is, that you have to jump through a lot of hoops first for you to have access to at least one song. That being said, the process is fairly “easy” to do, even though it’s not “easy.”

What is unreleased music?

Unreleased music is music that was recorded by an artist that isn’t made available to the public just yet. These tracks could be a sneak peek at a later album, songs that didn’t make it on the artist’s last album, or just one-offs that they haven’t chosen what to do with yet.

As you might guess, these tracks are virtually hard for most DJs to find, due to their unavailability. And if they do, this could change their mixing game. This is especially hard to do if you’re a new DJ because you probably won’t have a reputation for being good enough to convince people to give you a chance.

And so, how can a DJ get these unreleased tracks, especially if they’re newbies?

Look for your Ideal Music Style

For this, you have to have some patience and determination to surf the web and discover the kind of music you want to listen to. Find the best download websites for that type of music online from thereon. For example, if you like party music, you need to explore the internet for the best party songs you can find and get familiar with them.

This may be simple in its sense, but it’s quite harder than you think it is. Find time to scroll through albums, but be patient if it mostly contains unreleased tracks that aren’t very good. Reality speaking, you can probably find a gem or two if you’re willing to put in the work.

Join Online DJ Communities

Another way to get tracks that haven’t been released is to join an online DJ community. Do note that the more exclusive a DJ community group is, the more chances you’ll obtain the best-unreleased tracks you can find. With that, you have to show that you deserve to be in the online community before you can get any of its benefits, which is something most people find hard to do.

Communicate with Artists and Record Labels

To avoid any conflict, one thing you have to bear in mind is to always communicate with record labels. Apart from reducing the risk of a lawsuit, it can also build relationships with record labels, especially the smaller ones who are looking for exposure. You can get a lot of tracks that other people might not have heard yet while also running a promotion for them. Apart from that, you can also get in touch with smaller artists on SoundCloud. You better get to know them there and get access to content that hasn’t been released yet in exchange for helping them promote themselves based on things you both like.

Join a “Record Pool”

If you don’t want to go online, you can go join a real music community if you want to get new music. These so-called “record pools” can help you get music on websites that you may not know of. Inside a record pool are various DJs and producers who are promoting themselves by posting whole albums, EPs, and early tracks. Record pool communities don’t cost much, and if they let you join, you might be able to get a steady stream of new music before it comes out.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

In today’s modern world, social media can be the friendliest tool you can use to your advantage. On Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Reddit, among other places, you can connect with a wide range of artists, both well-known and rarely seen. There’s a good chance that this method will get you some songs that are worth listening to. At first, you should build relationships with some smaller artists if you want to have a good chance of getting unreleased tracks.

Make friends with Producers and Fellow DJs

This might be one of the easiest ways to get music, believe it or not! Establishing a forte of friendship with a DJ or producer can guarantee you get tracks that aren’t available for general use yet. And who else could relate to you at all levels, than those who are in the same profession as you?

If you don’t mind mingling with other people, you should make connections as early in your career. With that, you will have to put some time and effort into getting to know these people, but once they know you and have built their trust, it won’t be hard for them to let you use some of the tracks they have.

Key Takeaway

In the end, you still have to make an effort out of whichever choice of pick to guarantee you an unreleased track. Given how competitive being a DJ is, it gives you an advantage if you’re aware of the existence of unreleased music as you can use this to boost your music.

As you go and explore more about this industry, we hope that you put in the time and effort to find your ideal music for playing and build a strong relationship with the other DJs. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

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