how to learn music production at home?

           Are you ready to start on a thrilling adventure into the world of music production? In 2023, the chances to craft your music have never been more accessible. All you need are the right resources and guide to release your creativity and start making music that resonates with your soul. This article will be the template that will point you in the right direction to kickstart your music production journey.

The Dual Challenge: Technical and Creative

           Learning music production can seem daunting, especially if you do not have prior musical knowledge. You are addressing two important domains at the same time. First, is the technical side which involves utilizing digital audio workstations (DAWs) and gear. The second one is the creative aspect which dives into the essentials of music and, dare we say, music theory.

The Technical Side

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

A DAW is the main software utilized for creating, recording, editing, and producing music. Learning how to handle and use a DAW effectively is an important technical skill for music production.

Gear and Equipment

This refers to the physical equipment and technology utilized in music production. Examples are synthesizers, audio interfaces, microphones, and MIDI controllers. Comprehending how to set up, connect, and use different pieces of equipment is crucial for recording and producing high-quality music.

The Creative Aspect

Fundamentals of Music

This aspect surrounds understanding the basics of music, such as notes, scales, chords, and rhythm. You will learn how to craft melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions that are pleasant-sounding.

Music Theory

Music theory is a more extensive study of the principles that rule music composition and structure. It involves analyzing concepts like counterpoint, form, harmony, and modulation.

The Gear Dilemma: Quality vs. Quantity

           One common drawback, especially for starters, is fixating on gear. It is easy to be tempted into thinking that purchasing new equipment will solve all your problems. Specific gear purchases, like an audio interface for recording with a microphone, can be necessary. However, it is crucial to avoid continuously chasing the next gadget.

           Remind yourself that there is no such thing as “perfect” gear. Instead of getting trapped in a constant loop of reviews and comparisons, ask yourself whether you need a new piece of equipment. Be truthful about your motivations – is it a genuine need, or are you buying out of pure passion?

           To help you make knowledgeable gear decisions, look into different YouTube videos about setup explanations. It will not tell you what you need to buy, but it will help you recognize which pieces serve specific purposes. If you are not buying out of necessity, think about redirecting your resources and energy toward making music.

Beyond Tutorials: Embrace the Process

           Although the internet provides an abundance of short tutorials on music production techniques, they are unable to give the full picture. Music production requires more than just mastering techniques like sidechain compression or EQ.

           To understand the process, dive into long-form content where experienced producers share their raw, unedited work. Watch their difficulties, creative blocks, and problem-solving in real time. It is these essential details that often get left out in snappy, fast tutorials.

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           Think about tuning into weekly live streams where producers work on music in real time. Watching a producer you admire address the creative process can be incredibly informative and motivating.

           Moreover, we are lucky to live in an era where legendary producers have shared hours of interviews. Take time and listen to these legends as they relive their careers, anecdotes, and insights into the music industry. Treat these interviews as important lessons, and do not forget to take notes – just like you would in your history or math classes.

Distinguish Entertainment from Learning

The internet is flooded with content related to music production, but not all of it performs as a valuable learning resource. Some videos are crafted purely for entertainment, featuring engaging visuals and flashy edits but offer only a little substance.

When you commit time to learning music production, be aware of how you spend it. Make sure that the content you consume is genuinely educational and informative. Although it is perfectly fine to lose oneself in entertaining videos occasionally, remember that your time is precious. You want to leave your learning sessions with substantial knowledge and skills.

In 2023, learning music production has never been more achievable. This is thanks to a bounty of resources and a supportive online community. This article has given you a template to use as you start on your music production journey. Remember, it is a dual challenge of technical and creative aspects. Furthermore, while gear can be exciting, it is crucial to focus on your actual music-making process.

Do not forget to analyze the resources mentioned in this article. Maximize your learning time by differentiating informative content from mere entertainment. With commitment and perseverance, you can modify your passion for music into a fulfilling creative endeavor.

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