The best 4-Channel DJ Controllers in the Market!

Admit it, 2 channels on a DJ controller are out, and 4 channels are in.

Even though a lot of DJs have gotten used to playing with only two channels, this will eventually wear them out and they’d feel limited by this after a while. With that, we’re thankful to know that 4-channel DJ controllers exist to help you cater to your needs as a developing artist. With 4 channels, you’ll be able to unleash your creativity and make some truly amazing sounds that can take your show to the next level of professionalism.

As you begin to hone your skills in DJing, the one thing that you could rely on apart from your talent would be the controller you’re using. As someone who mix, remix, and create music, you should be able to know how important it is to have a lot of options for backup when you perform. Right then at that point, you’d be needing the help of a four-channel DJ controller in no time. Lucky for you, you don’t need a lot of surfing on the internet as we present to you these essential 4-channel DJ Controllers in the market, beloved by professionals in the field. Check it out below.

Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3

Professionals and fans could all agree that Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 is among the finest DJ controllers produced by the brand Traktor. The 4-channel controller has a spread-out layout that makes playing it easy and fun. It also has very tight looping controls for DJs who are trying to get the best sound quality. Moreover, the Full Traktor Pro 3 functionality is built into the Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3, so you’ll have everything that comes with it. The jog wheels on the S4 are amazing in more ways than one as these two have been fully upgraded by Kontrol NI. For added convenience, you won’t have to keep moving between your DJ controller and your PC while you play because the device has two high-resolution screens.

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Pioneer DDJ FLX6

The Pioneer DDJ FLX6 works a little bit differently than most of Pioneer’s other controllers, but it doesn’t mean that it works any less remarkably. This device has a few special features that make it stand out, like the new Jog Cutter and Merge FX. While these features may be perceived as silly gimmicks, you’d be surprised by how well they improve your music with such. Also, when it comes to price, the DDJ FLX6 is a great choice for DJs who want to move up from their current 2-channel entry-level gear because it has big platters and four-channel control options.

After everything is said and done, this is a good remote that Pioneer DJ fans can use to switch from their old devices.

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Pioneer DDJ 1000SRT

Another Pioneer product in the list, the DDJ 1000SRT is the Serato sister of its twin, DDJ 1000 RekordBox version. This is great for people who are loyal to the Serato software but don’t want to switch to any software that’s unfamiliar to them. Due to its durability along with the brand it holds, the 1000SRT is quite pricey. But you don’t have to worry if you’re paying more than what you’re getting, because Pioneer promises cutting-edge, high-quality, with multifunctional tools present in their devices. In terms of its jog wheels, it follows a big lead from the first DDJ 1000, as the 1000SRT has the same large jog wheels.

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Denon Prime 4

The Denon Prime 4 DJ controller is one of the best four-channel DJ controllers on the market. Not only does it have a great touchscreen display that is a joy to use, but it also has many connection spots to support setups for multiple platforms. The Prime 4’s 10-inch screen size is definitely on the bigger side, which is a pretty important and notable feature. Not only that but the device can be set to any angle you want. Also, the Prime 4 is the only remote device that can be used on its own, which is quite a big deal. This means that DJs don’t have to plug into their laptops straight into this controller to find music or play some basic mixes. The biggest problem with this device is that its effects aren’t very good for functionality and the Engine Prime DJ software can be a dealbreaker to some.

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Pioneer XDJ XZ

The Pioneer XDJ XZ is a four-channel DJ controller that has everything that makes a four-channel DJ controller boast of its multifunctionality. This device was made and put together by professionals, which is a testament according to its solid feel and great build quality. Furthermore, it also gives an aesthetic club-like style look. Pioneer’s XDJ XZ’s center mixer has the same quality as Pioneer’s DJM 900NXS2 – a huge advantage given that the latter is considered one of the best mixers on the market to date. Similarly, the XDJ is a great choice for Pro DJs who want to make a name for themselves in a club, either as your best DJ controller or as a controller to practice on. This controller is definitely a perfect choice for veteran DJs who want to make a name for themselves in a club setting or even in everyday events.

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Overall, the XDJ XZ could be the right device for you if you want DJ controls with four channels, lots of connection ports, a detailed screen with all your information, and a lot of other features.

Things worth remembering:

There are a lot of good things we can do when we opt in on 4-channel DJ controllers. But most importantly, this device helps DJs act in a whole new way. Contemporary DJs can create music that wasn’t possible just a few years ago by layering multiple songs together or adding external hardware to the device itself. What’s even better, is that they help accomplish work without delay because the 4 channels enable you to multitask functionally.

If you’re a seasoned DJ who wants to improve hone your skills more or produce music outside the box, then you may want to consider using controllers that can get you there. The first step of such is to pick out the ideal device for you, and you can start there.

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