Pioneer DDJ-SX3 Vs. Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT: make your best Choice!

Pioneer has long established itself to be one of the best DJ controller brands today. Talk to experts or DJ enthusiasts, and they would tell you their experience with Pioneer brands – proof that everyone knows the name. One thing you should know about the brand is that they never settle for what’s mediocrity.

Surf through the internet and you’ll find out that there are a lot of comparisons between Pioneer brands and others. But this time, we’ll focus on comparing between the brands’ two greatest products: Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT vs. Pioneer DDJ-SX3. Out of all the DJ controls the company makes, these two stand out as being exceptionally great, both for their brand and for the DJ scene as well. Both the 1000SRT and the SX3 have made names for themselves and established innovation in the DJ realm. Not only that, but they also have a lot of the same functions and almost cost the same.

With that in mind, let’s jump in with the comparisons.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3

Creativity never goes out of style with Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3. An upgrade from Pioneer’s DDJ-SX2, the DDJ-SX3 has a lot of advanced features with a familiar layout and jog wheels with lower delay. This controller is also perfect for professional mobile DJs who play at club nights, parties, weddings, and business events. The DJ controller is about the same size and weight as the 1000SRT, with 26.1 inches (664mm) height, 2.77 inches (70.4mm) weight, and 13.9 inches (354.4mm) depth.


Layout Ideal For Serato DJ Pro Software

One thing that DJs would love about Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 is that its layout specifically adheres to Serato DJ Pro software. It makes it super quick to adjust and easy to access. It also has Serato’s effects available for use. Compared with SRT, SX3 is of huge advantage with the said software.

Low Interval Jog Wheels

Every DJ’s dream is a controller that can guarantee a smooth scratching experience. We won’t look further with SX3’s low-latency jog wheels that are easy to access. It also offers illuminated scratch cue points with cue countdowns that help you refrain from looking at your laptop always.

Enhanced Music With 3-Mic Input

With DDJ-SX3’s mic input – the more, the better. It instantly makes partying easier with three microphones that can be used. Apart from this awesome feature, the sound is never better with a low-cut filter and sound color from Serato software.


Limited Layout Use

While we appreciate Pioneer’s ability to create DJ controllers that are compatible with a specific DJ software (in this case, Serato Software), its limitation sometimes becomes it disadvantage. Unlike other DJ controllers in the market who can opt-in on varied software use, DJs may find this trait a bit outdated.

Jog Wheels Aren’t Mechanical

This may bother you if you’re into motorized and mechanical jog wheels. Some say that Pioneer DDJ-SX3’s inability to provide this trait makes it a drag to use. While it’s important to know that not all people are bothered by this, with its price point, you must think of its quality in detail.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT

Meanwhile, Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT DJ Controller has 4 channels of control for DJing performances with Serato DJ integration. Its layout is similar to that of the brand’s top-of-the-line DJM-900NX2 and CDJ-2000NX2 models, with full-sized jog wheels that have interchangeable colored LCDs. The device is about 13 pounds (6 kilograms) and is 27.8 inches (708 mm) wide, 2.88 inches (73.4 mm) tall, and 14.22 inches (361.4 mm) deep. There are a lot of good things about the controller, such as its club-style layout, its amazing jog wheels and jog wheel display, and lots of FX features.


Fine Craftsmanship & Overall Quality

If there’s one thing that Pioneer is known for, it’s the unbeatable quality of their DJ controllers. When we think of the quality of its build, it’s a solid 9/10 – perfect for everyday DJing to events and performances alike. The layout of the controller is meant to look more like a CDJ, with buttons for looping placed above each jog wheel. The controller also comes with a large mixer that can be used with another set of turntables or CDJs because of its 4 channels.

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Great Jog Wheels

As mentioned, the jog wheels have their own LCDs that change colors when turned on. They are great when played and although not the best in the market, could definitely compete above average.

Numerous FX Options

The DDJ-1000SRT is known for its various features and effects it offers. Like most Pioneer equipment, this also has Pitch, Filter, Dub Echo, and Noise, along with several others. In the built-in “Beat FX” tool, a lot of the features such as Delay, Spiral, and Reverb, are present. This is a pro since these features are usually found on more expensive club mixers.

Individual Mic Input

Good news for those who want multiple microphones, the DDJ-1000SRT offers 2 microphone inputs! Both microphones have their respective channels for separate access, meaning that you don’t have to mix the mics’ channels generally and you can run everything according to your style.


Serato is Not a Primary Software

Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT forcibly handles the Serato DJ Pro software, which is not a good idea. Initially, the original Pioneer DDJ-1000 handles rekordbox software, and the inclusion of Serato for the alternate version came as a last adjustment. It’s great for those who are inclined to use the former software, but due to the adjustment, some of Serato’s extensive features are absent in this version.

EQ control for Mic Input Is Shared

There’s some truth when we say that both mic inputs of SRT are individual from each other in terms of their functions. However, both share the same EQ control, meaning they will raise or lower at the same time. Not great for the DJs who want to utilize the opportunity for individual mic inputs.

Inappropriate Layout

As mentioned, the original Pioneer DDJ-1000 handles the rekordbox software. And when Pioneer released its Serato version, out came the DDJ-1000SRT. It lacks the traditional Serato layout that can be seen in those DJ controllers that cater to Serato software.


All in all, Pioneer products are worth every cent spent on them. If you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran in the DJ industry, pick out which Pioneer equipment can boost up your ideal DJ setup in your home. No matter which one you choose, whether Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT or Pioneer DDJ-SX3, consider yourself a winner.

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