The Best Controllers for Virtual DJ in 2023

In the world of DJing, Virtual DJ has earned its place as a software with a legendary record that stood the test of time. It has been the favorite of many DJs over the years due to its high-powered and dynamic interface. Anyone can be a user of Virtual DJ, may it be an expert, a beginner, or even just someone who wants to try how the software works. This time, we will discuss the top five best controllers to be used with Virtual DJ.

Pioneer DJ DDJ Flex 10

First on the list is a brand-new controller that already works with Serato and Rekordbox officially, the Pioneer DJ DDJ Flex 10. This fresh controller from Pioneer DJ already plays unexpectedly well with Virtual DJ. What stands out in this controller is that it has excellent stems mapping. Stems are the audio files that embrace musical elements such as the vocals, melodies, drums, and bass. This can provide an ability to control over the DJ software’s stems comprehensively and inherently. Furthermore, this feature can allow a DJ to have creative freedom to mix and manipulate individual stem elements when they are performing.

Imagine combining the new buttons and knobs of the DDJ Flex 10 with Virtual DJ’s compelling stems integration, a DJing experience beyond compare can be achieved. So if you are someone who enjoys breaking their own boundaries when it comes to creativity and stems, then this DJ controller is the perfect match for you.

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Rane Twelve MKII

The next DJ controller is actually designed for Serato originally, however, the Rane Twelve MKII is another surprising controller that can be paired well with Virtual DJ. For DJs who personally love scratching, this controller is what we recommend for you. It has motorized jog wheels that can recreate the feel of vinyl turntables. This provides any DJ an undisputed experience whenever they are cueing and scratching. Furthermore, this feature would stand out to DJs who were part of the vinyl DJing era and still want to preserve that traditional feeling despite being in the digital realm already.

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Another feature that stands out in this controller is that it has a dedicated scratch layout. This means that the controls and layout are designed to ensure an optimized scratching experience. This allows DJs to have zero interference from other controls when they are performing some scratching techniques. These qualities make the Rane Twelve MKII as the perfect choice for turntable or vinyl enthusiasts.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000

When we are talking about powerhouses, we cannot skip the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000. First of all, it has a full-sized jog wheel which allows for an accurate control over any track’s playback because of the larger surface area that it can provide. An easier scratching, nudging, or pitch bending of the music with greater expertise can be achieved by the DJs due to this feature as well. Furthermore, it has a four-channel mixer which can aid DJs in mixing and blending more than one track simultaneously. This will ensure transitions that are more artistic while being able to layer different elements in the music. This specific feature can also help DJs to prepare and pre-cue the next songs that they want to add despite having a track that is currently playing in order to achieve more seamless transitions.

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The DDJ-1000 also has an integration for Rekordbox which means that the user has free access on the hardware for all the cues, playlists, and settings that are created in Rekordbox which disintegrates the need for manual configuration. It also improves the capabilities of the DJ to perform because it comes with additional features such as sampler controls and advanced looping

When performed with Virtual DJ, this controller provides an incredibly tight mapping which allows a direct and precise association between the DJ’s physical controls and Virtual DJ’s functions. With the DDJ-1000, you will not only get high-quality hardware, but you will also experience how powerful and flexible Virtual DJ’s software is.

Denon DJ Prime GO

If you are a professional DJ who wants an upgrade of your current controller, then the Denon DJ Prime GO is the one for you. It has a tight integration with Virtual DJ that allows users to control and access a variety of features that helps them focus on the music rather than the technical aspects of the performance. With its battery-powered capability and touchscreen display, this controller can give easy access for DJs to perform in outdoor events because it does not need a power outlet to work. Furthermore, these features can provide more flexibility for DJs because it can stand on its own without the need for a laptop.

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Hercules Impulse 200

If you are on a tight budget but still want to own a high-quality DJ controller. You do not need to worry because the Hercules Impulse 200 which is about $150 is very exceptional for its price. For its value, it has all the functions that are essential when you are a DJ. Moreover, it has Virtual DJ’s powerful stems integration which provides separate access to the individual elements of a track. This gives DJs infinite creativity when they are rearranging tracks while adding their own personalities to the mixes that they produced. Furthermore, it helps DJs to convey innovative sets which makes DJs stand out despite being in a crowd. So if you are someone who wants to dive deeper in stems and mixes while being on a tight budget, then you should consider getting the Hercules Impulse 200.

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If you are someone who always chooses to perform using Virtual DJ, then the list above is perfect for you. Each controller has something unique to offer so the final decision is up to you. Pick something that can accommodate your needs, wants, and budget. Don’t forget to comment down below if you have chosen the one for you.

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