The Best Inexpensive DJ Controllers!

It’s hard to find a good-quality controller with a decent price. Reality speaking, most controllers in the market would often either be cheap yet low-grade products or extremely expensive yet remarkable ones. But, if you take your time to weigh in what you need on what you’re looking for in a controller, you’d be surprised to know that there can be a lot of options to choose from. Especially those who promise potential and at the same time, won’t break your bank account.

While it’s true that most top models that are good do not carry a cheap price, you’ll be happy to hear that some top-notch DJ controls can be affordable for a little under a $300 budget. For this case, the thing you need to focus more on would be how hard the DJ controller is for you based on your general DJ skill level, which can be anywhere from beginner to more experienced. You need to check in on its build quality, its dimensions, weight & size, controls, and even aesthetics. And even though it might seem like you must “buy before you try,” there are actually a number of ways to find out what your device can do in general.

Lucky for you, we’ve listed down these great DJ controllers you can choose from that embody these qualities we’re talking about in this article. Check it out below.

Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ 200

Let’s be honest, Pioneer is a brand that you wouldn’t expect to have a product worth under $300. But we have here this amazing Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ 200. This smart DJ controller is a 2-deck DJ controller that is easy to use for anyone, no matter how much they know about DJ controls. The DDJ 200 has a simplified set of jog wheels and several buttons and knobs that are all meant to make DJing easy for people who are just starting out. Pioneer has been known to make high-quality DJ controllers that have a lot of features that make them interesting. Apart from that, Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ 200 also has a lot of FX transition features, which make it easier to match up phrases and make smoother changes between songs.

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Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200

Are you tired of lugging your heavy DJ controller anywhere? We have a definite solution for you: Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200. It is a fantastic choice for people who want something small and portable, and a perfect choice for DJs at all levels of their careers, from beginners to professionals. This device comes with a built-in crossfader and a two-channel mixer. The DJ controller has a layout with two decks and a pair of capacitive jog buttons that work well with touch, and its jog wheels make it easy and effective to do things like track browsing, music cueing, and pitch bending in a way that is similar to how vinyl works.

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Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

Living and staying true to their brand, the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX DJ controller is a four-deck controller that is equipped with a mixer and audio interface. This, along with a number of other features, makes it an amazing device – perfect for anyone who wants to show off their DJ skills properly. The Platinum FX from Numark is a great controller with two sensitive touch jog wheels that are each 6 inches in diameter and have a more “old school hip-hop” feel. The controller also has a high-resolution color panel that displays the BPM (beats per minute) as well as the correct platter position, how much time is left for a particular track, and pitch adjustment. Apart from that, the Platinum FX features are the loops, access cues, fader cuts, and a lot of other features that make it easier to perform, whether you’ve been doing it for a long time or not. As for its Software, Numark uses Serato DJ Lite, a fantastic addition to the great controller. This gives the controller access to millions of songs from TIDAL or SoundCloud, among other things.

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Pioneer DJ DDJ SB3

Another Pioneer DJ controller in this list, the SB3 is a beginner-friendly DJ controller that was made with portability in mind. It was made for artists who plan to travel due to its portability and also has grab handles that make it easy to pick up and move around. Many of the best DJ controls have Pioneer as their brand, and such was true when the DDJ SB3 first came out. Apart from that awesomeness, this also contains features such as auto-loop and play/cue buttons, performance pad choices, and other user-friendly designs that make it easy for DJs and performers of all skill levels and backgrounds to use. The scratch pad and the FX Fade feature are two of its more interesting parts. With the FX Fade feature, it’s easy to make a smooth shift from one track to the next, no matter what kind of music you’re playing. Beginners can opt-in for Serato Lite which is pre-installed in your smart controller, but if you want to expand more on your skills, then you’ll definitely need to buy Serato DJ Pro.

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Roland DJ DJ 202

The Roland DJ 202 is a high-quality DJ controller equipped with two tracks and four decks. Apart from its aesthetic build, the 202 DJ controller also owns a lot of cool and different features, such as onboard sequencers, low-latency platters, transport controls, special pads, and mic input. The controller also has several different voice effects that can be used to change and improve the sound. Now, in terms of its sound quality, sound features like noise blocking which works on the sound automatically to get rid of any noises that might get in the way of the performance, are also present.

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Key Takeaway

Before you decide to set a budget for your ideal DJ controller, take a look at what you’d be getting first before making a decision. Through proper research and quick decision-making, you may be able to pull off one of the greatest bargains you can get in terms of quality and quality, all for $300.

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