the best Midi Keyboards You Can Find In The Market!

MIDI Keyboards are some of today’s game-changing equipment to level up your music production. The MIDI keyboard, along with an audio interface, a laptop, or a PC, have emerged as essential tools for the modern music producer. They allow you to play and record music on your computer as well as control software and, in some situations, additional studio hardware. In its simplest form, a MIDI keyboard is a piece of technology that you may use to operate virtual instruments like synthesizers, samplers, and others that are part of your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), and many modern musicians and music producers have jumped in on the trend of owning one for music production.

There are a lot of MIDI keyboards to choose from, but choosing the right one for your convenience and your style of music is crucial to guarantee your success in whatever genre of music you want to pursue and create. We have experts who detail to us everything there is to know about MIDI keyboards and the hottest you could find in the market today.


If you want a keyboard that’s super compact and has great drum pads, you may want to consider the Akai MPK Mini Mk3. This keyboard is currently the most popular keyboard at this price, with pads that are considered one of the best in the market today. The mini’s pads have great sensitivity and stiffness which gives great comfort for finger drumming purposes. This keyboard also has endless encoders which are essential to have because the physical knob matches the position of the virtual knob in your Digital Audio Workstation so it won’t be too confusing if you control such.

Furthermore, experts love it because it offers outstanding value for a cheap price: Eight sought-after MPC-style beat-making pads, many rotary knobs, and decent-quality keys. One of its disadvantages though would be that it doesn’t have transport controls and no play or stop button which are essentials to a keyboard.

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Considered by many as a favorite, the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini has extra features but boasts the same price as the Akai Mpk Mini and several other keyboards in the market. The Oxygen Pro Mini has a transport control so you can control its play, stop, or pause buttons for all your records. The keyboard also has four knobs and four faders – with the latter being so incredibly important for tracking or controlling volumes. Furthermore, it has all the arpeggiator chord and scale features of every great keyboard in the market and includes traditional wheels for pitch and mod. Apart from its bulky feature, the oxygen pro does not have endless encoders so its knobs have a stop and an end point which perhaps is a deal breaker to some. But with everything it has to offer, it’s worth considering for a lot of its pros.

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The Arturia Minilab MK2 is considered to be one of the most popular picks for music production for several reasons. Its mini lab keys are some of the best keys available on a mini keyboard, so if you are an experienced keyboardist or pianist, you’d want to opt in on the comfort it brings to your fingers. The minilab also gives you 16 endless encoders and that provides you with a lot of control when you use the keyboard along with Arturia’s software to regulate your virtual instruments. Its build quality is perfect for easy carry, but as it is among the oldest in the market, it’s missing some key features which are now standard on newer keyboards such as transport controls, play, stop, and record buttons, and it doesn’t have a built-in arpeggiator note which might be its biggest con.

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This is among the newest keyboards in the market right now, and it checks most of the essential boxes for a standard keyboard: transport controls, arpeggiator features, eight pads, and eight knobs. As it is one of the newest models released, it has some cool new tricks that are fresh enough for a curious music producer such as a 2-part feature where you can switch octaves, transpose, and even change MIDI channels temporarily which is ideal for those who want to provide music at the comfort of their home. It also has customizable buttons and a shift button for easy access; although it does have a joystick button which, if you’re not familiar, might not be too user-friendly for you.

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The first in the market to introduce the game-changing arpeggiator features and transport controls all in a small and easy-to-bring keyboard, the Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 has lived up to its hype. The Launchkey Mini’s keys don’t have weights which makes it a con for some, but they do have a novel mini-key mechanism that makes playing fun and easy. Eight rotary knobs, 16 RGB pads that respond to velocity, and touch strips for blending pitch and modulation are just a few of the controller’s other capabilities. Furthermore, you can manage your DAW, instruments, and effects physically with the help of these tools, which frees up your attention from your computer screen so you can concentrate more on your music.

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A cutting-edge MIDI keyboard controller from Native Instruments, the Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2, provides the ideal balance of expert functionality and user-friendly control for music creation and performance. A real piano feel is provided by the 88 fully-weighted, hammer-action Fatar keys on this premium keyboard, enhancing expressiveness. With the simplicity and elegance of the Native Instruments keyboards, it makes you want to come back, especially with how easy to learn about its software bundle as well. Moreover, the touch strip provides a snappy substitute for conventional expression pedals, while ergonomically built pitch and mod wheels provide accurate control. Although it could seem that the Native Instruments M32 is almost perfect, one of its downsides would be that it doesn’t have a drum pad that comes with it.

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All in all, if you’re a newbie in the world of music production, it’s best to seek first what the experts have to say when it comes to navigating the hottest MIDI keyboards available. Because you’re buying not just the keyboards but the experience you would get from them, it’s only important that you choose something reliable that could provide you with everything you want out of these important tools. 

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