The Best Studio Monitors For Your Home Studio

When we want to build a DIY music production in the comfort of our home, attention always comes to detail. If you’re a producer or just starting of career, you may want to opt in on what’s the best that could guarantee to yield great results even on your first try. That way, you’d experience the joy of making music without even trying too hard to make an effort out of it.

With that in mind, we’ll delve in right at the most incredible studio monitors that you should consider for your at-home music production. Experts recommend 5-inch monitors as a classic set-up for music production, so we showcase this list with such. Check out what’s hot in the market right now, and how it will help you cater to your specific needs.

KRK Rockit 5 G4

Recommended for EDM and Hip-hop production, the KRK Rocket 5 has been making rounds in the music industry as one of the best. Famous artists and DJs such as Steve Aoki, Charlie Puth, Skrillex, and many more were known to use this for music production, which could assure you of its wonders. The bass for this studio monitor is rich and clear which is efficient for mixing, and its mids and highs are considered top-notch. The KRKs only give you XLR inputs in the back which may not be user-friendly, especially for beginners, but they do provide a nice screen to adjust the EQ.

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JBL 305P

Considered one of Amazon’s “best sellers,” the JBL 305P is perfect for music producers who want to provide quality music all while having budgetary constrictions. For just about $300, you can have the best roundup, with decent highs and great mids perfect for mixing. Users liked it for the reason that it is comfortable in the ears, but some have complained that it doesn’t truly showcase the beauty of mixing music like those in the studio set-up. Still, for a fair price, you couldn’t get much better than this.

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Mackie CR5 XBT

If you’re a novice music producer who is on a budget and can’t go any higher than $200 for a studio monitor, then you might want to consider the Mackie CR5 XBT which checks the list of being budget-friendly and better-quality studio monitor. They are marketed as multimedia monitors, though, instead of studio monitors and if you explore its back portion, you would get why. There are no XLR inputs and only one speaker is powered and sends the audio to the passive speaker. In terms of frequency, its lows were nice, and good detail is noticed in the hi-hats as well. However, its mids and highs often merge, which isn’t ideal for producing music that highlights more on those parts.

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Monoprice SV25

If you wish to go lower, then the Monoprice studio speakers are for you. Priced at $159, you could finally start your dreams of becoming an aspiring music producer without hurting your wallet. For music production, the sound goes flat which is decent for its price, but it’s different than those of the expensive ones on the list. Experts who tested the device would sometimes find it hard to locate the hi-hats of music, and its lows, mids, and highs are only okay. Overall, Monoprice still beats what is expected out of them, and you’d be surprised just how well they perform in at-home music productions.

Presonus E5 XT

Another Amazon best-seller, the Presonus E5 XT is known for its high-frequency response excellent for mixing. This studio monitor also gives you some fantastic tuning controls and great choices at the back of its monitor. However, some reviewers felt that although the mids provided by Presonus are considered perfect, its highs and lows aren’t satisfactory. Nevertheless, you could get a nice pair of these for just $300 a pair. Not bad at all.

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Adam Audio T5V

Another contender for excellent music production at home is Atom Audio T5V which, despite its smaller size, could still provide you with an excellent listening experience. It has ribbon tweeters, which are proven to be more comfortable for long sessions of listening to music, and the sound it provides is almost always clear. You could easily pick up any frequency you want to point out and the voices could also be perfectly heard, but they are not recommended for hip-hop mixes because their bass could sometimes be unclear.

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Yamaha HS5

Yamaha speaks for itself. For years, they are among the famous brands for music production, and their Yamaha HS5 does not disappoint even once. It’s among the famous studio monitors used by hundreds or even thousands of artists, and although it isn’t considered cheap (it costs about $400), you would most definitely get the best out of your money. The bass is top-notch and you could hear its highs, mids, and lows – especially if your room is acoustically treated. If you’re a serious producer who wants to always provide quality work, then Yamaha HS5 could be your go-to studio monitor.

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Overall, the point of being a music producer is to provide the best and most well-crafted music for everyone to enjoy. Whether or not you want to risk spending money or saving up first, it’s important to remember that making a wise decision of picking out the most suitable studio monitors for your home could be the first step to your goals. So choose wisely and efficiently!

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