Free Drum Plugins Ableton: The Best Ones!

The inclusions that are often packaged within a digital audio workstation (DAW) are built-in samplers and drum machines. These tools have become crucial in creating contemporary music.

           However, navigating through a wide range of possibilities can be a scary task especially if you want to achieve the perfect sound. This is where drum VST plugins come into play. They offer solutions by providing creativity and controlled limitations.

           Today we will give you the best 15 finest free drum VST plugins to enhance your drum production and make those beats sparkle. Find out about these exceptional plugins and take your music to the next level!

Steven Slate Drums

           If you want to integrate the authentic sound of a real acoustic drum kit within your DAW, then this fantastic free drum VST by Steven Slate is the one for you. This plugin can give you access to various drum kits despite being in the free version.

Moreover, this free VST can allow users to select cymbal types, fine-tune mic placement, choose tom sizes, and adjust the tune. You also can choose velocity and sensitivity curves. This will provide you with accurate control over your drumming experience.

Spitfire LABS Drums

           The latest addition to Spitfire’s remarkable LABS VST platform is here to give an impressive drum sample library. If you want to get drum sounds that resonate with hip-hop vibes and have a touch of lo-fi charm, this is the one for you.

This drum kit houses a robust snare sound, a spacious tom, and a rich acoustic bass. These will add an essence of soul, funk, and hip-hop to your compositions. It is the perfect tool for creating beats that stand out.

AudioSpillage MiniSpillage

           Are you ready to craft your drum sounds with a groundbreaking approach? The MiniSpillage is a drum synthesizer VST by AudioSpillage that is created to turn your dream drum sounds into a reality.

           Minispillage is a name known for being versatile in the world of music production. It provides you with the power to design and craft your ideal drum sound from scratch. This plugin can introduce you to hi-hat synthesis algorithms, wood drum, and bass drum. All of these can help you delve into the art of sound synthesis. And if you want to synthesize a snare drum, purchasing an upgrade for a full plugin is available.

Junn JM-1

           As a team that respects LinnDrum, we can say that it is one of the most underrated drum machines in the realm of music. If you want to integrate your sound with the legendary style and sound of LinnDrum, the Junn JM-1 will be up to your liking.

           It is a free plugin that emulates the iconic Linndrum’s essence. It does not only replicate the unique sound of the LinnDrum, but it also mimics its interface. This will give users an immersive and authentic experience. You will feel as if the original drum machine is right in your hands.

T.REX 606

           From the name itself, the T.REX 606 is a compact and robust rompler that pays tribute to the legendary Roland TR-606 drum machine. The main concept of the T.REX 606 is to keep everything refreshingly simple. It is a breath of fresh air when you navigate in its straightforward interface. Creating your beats will never be more straightforward as it only has three essential controls – the volume, reverb, and seven classic drum sounds.


           If you are interested in the iconic drum machine, Linn LM-1, then this next one is perfect for you. The Linn-LM1 is a favorite of several music icons like Peter Gabriel, Prince, and Michael Jackson. However, since purchasing it has become economically costly, the Djinndrum is here for you.

           It can give you all the classic sounds that the LM-1 is popular for, without the need to spend so much money. This means that you can uncover the essence of the LM-1 and incorporate it into your music.

Drum PRO

           The Drum Pro has almost everything that you would ask for in a drum machine plugin. It houses a wide range of features which include 12 versatile pads, 20 pre-loaded drum kits, and global effects that guarantee you have everything that you need in your hands.

           Furthermore, Drum Pro has you covered no matter what music genre you are crafting. Whether you are exploring into world of big EDM hits, diving into different music styles, or crafting pulsating techno tracks, this plugin can provide versatility and creativity that will be tailored to all your drumming needs.

Line of Legends

           The Line of Legends may not seem as technical as its counterparts, do not be allowed to be deceived by its simplicity. This is a hidden gem that offers a gold mine of features. It has an intensive collection of 8 dedicated output channels, 47 top-tier samples, and adjustable punch release, and attack knobs. All of these will aid in fine-tuning your sound with precision.

           It is worth noting that if you find only one channel displayed in your DAW, do not be nervous. The only thing you must do is to set up the output channels by referring to your DAW manual for guidance.

Sean Pandy Drums

           Sean Pandy Drums is not your typical VST. It is created from a sample pack crafted by the well-known heavy metal drummer, Sean Pandy. This alone guarantees that your mix gets an infusion of hard-hitting, heavy drum sound.

           Specifically, the ‘Sub Blower’ feature truly lives up to its name. It provides a bass-heavy and powerful punch which is ideal for adding intensity and depth to your music. If you are someone who desires an impactful and weighty drum sound, Sean Pandy Drums is the solution you’ve been searching for.


           Two elements reign supreme when it comes to creating that heart-pounding sound, the bass and kick. These components demand committed accuracy and focus. This is where KickMaker enters. It provides you with a revolutionary plugin crafted to help you create the ideal kick sound for your ears. It is your go-to tool if you want to start creating music with high gears.

Beat Factory Drums

           Explore the ultimate in drum plugins with Beat Factory Drums. This incredible tool has a user-friendly interface. It provides you with excellent sound quality and a remarkable powerful impact. Furthermore, it has fully customizable ADSR parameters. This means that you have the creative freedom to fine-tune every kit to match your distinctive sound.

MT Power Drum Kit 2

           The MT Power Drum Kit 2 provides incredible drum sounds that can slice through any mix and it is harnessed with a fully pre-programmed groove library. It is ideal for smooth assembling grooves for the ideal drum accompaniment you are looking for. This means that composers and music aficionados can benefit from this tool.

Dub Turbo DrumTROOP

           The DrumTroop is a strong candidate when it comes to creating music. This is because it can provide you with a broad scope of features and a colossal sound that can tailor every music genre, from EDM to house, and beyond. Their website accordingly calls it a “weapon of mass production”, and it is something hard to disagree with.

Single Cycle Vintage Drum Elements

           The Vintage Drum Elements will give you a warm and alluring analog sound that can remember the classic vintage drum machines. Creating distinctive beats and tweaking your sound to perfection can be achieved due to its intuitive 12-pad interface. Additionally, the preloaded samples are of the highest quality. The best part is that you can simply enter your email and name your price via the Single Cycle Bandcamp.

Crafting the Ultimate Drum Sound

           Drums are the heart of numerous hit songs as they can give you the rhythm that will keep your audience moving. A drum machine is the key for you to take your tracks to the next level. Utilize these amazing plugins at your disposal and embark on your journey towards the world of music production with confidence.

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