The Best Plugins For Ableton Live!

Ableton Live stands as an unmatched powerhouse when it comes to digital audio workstations (DAW). It continues to rise as the go-to choice for music producers, live performers, and DJs alike ever since its foundation in 2001. Moreover, the thing that makes Ableton Live different is its innovative features and performance-oriented design. This proves that it is an industry leader.

           A cutting-edge audio engine is also highlighted. Users can experience an immaculate audio quality. It also houses a seamless hardware integration which allows anyone to connect their gears effortlessly. Furthermore, it has groundbreaking audio and MIDI Tools that can empower your creativity. Most importantly, it has remarkable built-in plugins that provide a selection that other DAWs do not have.

           However, what about those extra-special plugins that can take your music to a new level? Although Ableton Live’s Max for Live provides custom audio and MIDI wizardry, there are still moments when third-party plugins can give that extra edge.

           Join us as we delve into the realm of exceptional third-party plugins that will not only elevate your sound but also supercharge your workflow. These game-changing additions will be your keys to opening the door towards music production excellence!


           A name that shines among others when it comes to VST plugins is FabFilter. Its plugins provide an unrivaled combination of sleek design, a wide scope of applications, and an intuitive workflow. These features make FabFilter well-known among professionals worldwide. In short, if your goal is to create stunning effects, a FabFilter plugin is your quickest and most user-friendly ticket to success.

           FabFilter stands out by prioritizing versatility, ease of use, and sound quality. It differs from other plugins that strive for complex analog emulations. Let us dive into some of its standout offerings.

The Pro-Q EQ is the embodiment of user-friendliness, responsiveness, and cleanliness in equalizer plugins. Meanwhile, the Pro-R Reverb has a wide scope of reverb responses this plugin can deliver.

Its Saturn Saturator/Distortion feature can provide both emulation of classic sound and crafting of innovative textures. Its capabilities are unmatched compared to others. Additionally, the Pro-G Gate guarantees that your sound stays accurately how you want it. It is not just easy to use, it is the easiest one on the market.

For the Timeless Delay, you can enjoy a top-notch delay effect that gives character and depth to your tracks. Moreover, the Pro-L Limiter is simple, and powerful, and makes sure that your audio stays within wanted limits.

When it comes to Simplon and Volcano, this will help you to explore exciting rhythm tools and filters that will help expand your creative possibilities. On the other hand, the Pro-C Compressor will help in making your music production look like a breeze.

Roland Cloud

           In the music realm, the term “legend” is often overused. However, it is a title that the Roland Cloud deserves. Its legendary lineup of classic synthesizers has shaped the sonic landscape since the early 1980s.

Legendary synths and drum machines like the TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303 have made an impact in the music industry and they cannot be overstated. Indeed, these three iconic machines played a crucial role in giving birth to the entire music genre. However, this is only the start of the story.

The legacy of Roland continues with instruments that determined the unmistakable sound of 1980s pop music. These instruments include the Jupiter 8 and Juno-106, which, along with Yamaha’s DX-7. Meanwhile, the SH-101 and JX-3P are the ones who carried the torch into the 90s dance scene. All of these vintage legends are still being used to make countless tracks to this day.

Although these original synths are cherished by music enthusiasts, obtaining them can be very expensive. It often costs several thousand dollars each. Acknowledging the deep desire of producers to gain access to these classic devices, Roland started on a mission to create a new line of neo-classic synths. They utilized their established ACB technology to faithfully mimic the essence of the originals. This resulted in the birth of the AIRA scope of digital hardware synths. However, the evolution did not stop there.

Allow us to introduce Roland Cloud, a revolutionary solution that brings these legendary Roland sounds to your fingertips. Moreover, its cost is affordable for just $19.99 per month. With this, you can already use the very same ACB engines found in the respected AIRA scope, presented in the flexible form of VST plugins. It is a remarkable arsenal of sonic creativity that will create instant inspiration. This will be your guide to creating an enchanting and new musical masterpiece.

Izotope RX7 Audio Editor

           The Izotope’s RX7 is more than just a plugin, it is an all-inclusive in-DAW application that enables you to repair, extract, and re-balance audio with unmatched accuracy and control. It also became the go-to choice for foley artists, sound designers, professionals, and TV and movie audio engineers. This made RX7 an industry standard. This versatile tool is perfect for both production and post-production. It houses a range of incredible and unique features.

           Do you experience audio issues like pops, hum, noise, or clicks? You do not need to worry about these because of the Repair Assistant feature. RX7’s Music Rebalance takes audio manipulation to a new level. This is by allowing you to isolate and control the vocals, percussion, bass, and other instruments individually within a single audio file. This means that you can re-balance existing pre-masters without the use of a multi-track source.

           On the other hand, it can also remove specific elements from existing tracks to create instrumentals, stems, or vocal acapella that can be used for mashups, remixes, or DJ sets. The power of the RX7 is truly unrivaled.

Captain Plugins

           Are you currently experiencing writer’s block? Are you looking for inspiration to start your music projects? Maybe you are not a keyboard expert but have melodies running in your mind. In such moments, allow Captain Plugins to become your ultimate companion.

           Captain Plugins, brought by Mixed In Key, permits you to translate your musical ideas into reality quickly. Whether you are choosing chords, generating basslines and melodies, or crafting beats, this groundbreaking tool simplifies the creative process. Furthermore, it helps you utilize notes that perfectly fit the scale, terminating the guesswork.

           Whatever level your music theory expertise is, Captain Plugins can give you an efficient, enjoyable, and unique way to upgrade your workflow. This guarantees that you can devote more time to what matters – creating exceptional music.

Valhalla DSP Plugins

           Valhalla sets the gold standard when it comes to exceptional plugins, and there are several reasons to cherish their impressive range. First of all, they are exceptionally budget-friendly as each plugin is priced at a mere $50. Furthermore, the bonus of a lot of outstanding ones available is attained for free.

           However, these plugins are far from being just a budget option. Valhalla shines in the realms of reverb, innovative modulation, and delay. They create plugins that provide alluring and unique audio experiences, setting them apart from the rest.

           One feature that makes it stand out is the Shimmer reverb plugin. It grants your synths and pads an ethereal quality even with just subtle settings. If you are someone who is looking for experimentation, the FreqEcho plugin is a must-try. It reverbs while diligently adjusting the frequency of the resulting echoes in a multitude of ratios and tempos. The good news is that it is a free offer. Furthermore, there is UberMod, an interesting plugin that smoothly blends delays, chorus, flange effects, and reverbs.

           The mastery of Valhalla expands to the realm of delay also. With a user-friendly interface, various delay styles, and w broad scope of sonic characters, you will find the perfect delay for your soundscapes quickly. It is also worth noting that ValhallaDelay grabbed the title of Readers’ Choice: Best Plugin 2019 by MusicRadar.

Slate Digital

           Imagine a plugin that easily enhances your audio just by adding it to your channel. The Slate’s Virtual Mix Rack is the only answer. It has accurately modeled analog consoles, EQs, Pre-Amps, Compressors, and more. Even by using a default setting, your audio immediately gains depth and alluring quality. You can simply load the Virtual Mix Rack onto your channel and a world of difference can occur.

           Additionally, the All Access Pass provides a jewel of industry-standard tools that you can discover and explore as deeply as you desire. For just $14.99 a month, you can already acquire access to a wide range of saturation, compression, console, pre-amp, EQ, amp emulations, and an incredible limiter. However, there’s more.

           The ANA, an analog-emulating soft synth, as well as Kilohearts, a suite of flexible multi-fx manipulation tools, are also included in its offerings. Moreover, the Verbsuite reverb is one of the personal favorites of a lot of users. It is a feature well-known for its deep, warm, and clean reverberation. It provides an enveloping and rich dimension to your audio. Meanwhile, the Virtual Tape Machine saturator conveys the cohesion and warmth reminiscent of classic, high-end studio hardware.

           Most importantly, all of these can be experienced without spending a hefty price tag. With just $14.99 a month, the innovative power of Virtual Mix Rack and join the high ranks of audio enthusiasts who have upgraded their sound with Slate Digital’s All Access Pass

Mixed In Key Studio Edition

           The Mixed In Key Studio Edition is a real-time sample analysis tool that will help you to smoothly incorporate the perfect one-shot, loop, vocal, or any sample into your music production, remix, or mashup. Immediately, this exceptional tool shows the scale, tonality, and key of any audio sample. 

           With the Mixed In Key Studio Edition, you can create your compositions confidently around your samples. This is because it accurately shows which notes are already present. This knowledge serves as a strong foundation for your creative ventures.

           Find out the quickest and most intuitive method to balance and match the incoming samples to your project. You do not need to guesswork and hold the world of accurate sample integration. Enhance your music production with Mixed In Key Studio Edition and create with confidence.

WavesFactory – Trackspacer

           Are you searching for a remarkably user-friendly and intuitively designed dynamic EQ? you do not need to look further, Trackspacer from WavesFactory is the one that will help you solve your problem. It is an exceptional tool that shines at delicately separates sounds within your mix.

           Imagine that your guitar and synth are fighting for the same frequency space which causes a sonic clash. Complex side-chain compression and careful EQ adjustments are some traditional remedies to be used to guarantee both instruments shine individually. This process will be simplified by Trackspacer.

           If you have Trackspacer, you only need to assign the guitar as an input source on the synth channel, fine-tune the knob until your mix sounds perfectly balanced, and define the band range you wish to impact. Furthermore, the thing that sets it apart is its advanced audio analysis. This accurately reduces the frequencies from the incoming signal which leaves the rest untouched.

           With Trackspacer, you can easily set the snare as an input signal on the kick channel. This will instruct the Trackspacer to decrease the frequencies of the kick drum accurately only at the moment where they clash with the snare’s transient and only when the snare is hit. Instant clarity without giving up on power.

Eventide – Physion

           Eventide is well-known for creating incredible plugins. From the legendary Blackhole reverb to the iconic H3000, and H910 Harmonizers, and an exceptional scope of compressors, phasers, flangers, and reverbs. Eventide’s plugins are popular for their distinctive abilities and special character. This sets them apart from others.

           Although there are a lot of incredible plugins to select from, allow us to shine a spotlight on Physion, a revolutionary game-changer. It is a multi-FX plugin that highlights an exceptional Structural Effects processor. It works by dividing incoming audio into tonal and transient segments. This will allow you to process distinct effects independently. These effects include Phaser, Chorus, Reverb, Gate, Delay(s), and Transient Shaper. The charm of this independent processing is its capacity to give stunning effects on synths, vocals, guitars, and drums.

           Based on experience, Physion works marvelously on drums. Its exceptional presets make it easy to transform your sound. You just have to add Physion to your drum bus channel and you will be astonished by the results it will give you. Give “Sharpening” a try, and watch how your drums will become more dynamic, tighter, crispier, and smoothly fused.

           Creating your compositions from scratch has never been easier. Delve into the official Chords homepage to find out how Captain Plugins can be your eventual creative companion. You can traverse the world of music and release your inner composer as you start on the journey to craft your very own original productions. Do not miss the opportunity to bring up your musical talent and create alluring compositions with Captain Plugins.

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