adam audio t5v review: make your best choice!

Are you still looking for an inexpensive studio monitor that will not compromise your quality? Then the Adam T Series is perfect for you!

Monitors at the entry-level are generally a hit or a miss in the market. And since there are so many choices, it might be difficult to sort through all the inferior ones. As a result, entry-level gadgets, especially studio monitors, have earned a bad reputation for being cheap without substance. That, was until the Adam Audio T Series came into existence and proved that not cheap speakers can be considered bad. The Adam Audio line has long been regarded as some of the best and most dependable audio monitoring equipment available. You can’t go wrong with Adam’s studio monitors for the excellent sound they produce.

And with that, we examine the reasonably priced T5V from ADAM Audio in this review.

Adam Audio T5V

With some great specs and performance, the ADAM Audio T Series is the cheapest series made by ADAM. Inspired by the likes of the S and AX series, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything because you know you’re getting a great deal out of the speakers. The T5V benefits from the experts at ADAM Audio’s extensive industry knowledge, plus, it has a handful of features from the more costly ADAM Audio products.

Let’s discuss about ADAM Audio T5V’s characteristics, then.


Sound Quality

The ADAM Audio T5V’s excellent sound is one of its most remarkable features. For a studio monitor at this price point, it is quite good.

While the sound of its top end is quite distinct and well-defined, the audio coming from the ribbon tweeters may not be to everyone’s taste Nevertheless, we recognize that the U-Art tweeter from ADAM Audio, however, is undoubtedly among the best in the industry. It lacks the roughness that may be heard from certain ribbon tweeters.

But one of the most impressive aspects of the T5V is how effectively it handles the low end. This is a 5-inch woofer that delivers a lot more punch than you’d imagine, without the presence of an annoying punchy tune. It’s warm and pleasant with no distortion.

Design and Build

Whenever we think of entry-level monitors, we immediately assume that they’re not built to last long. While sometimes such an argument is true, the T series by Adam Audio manages to turn this assumption on its head. Trust us when we say that this is a robust and dependable monitor, capable of longevity. It weighs 12.6 lbs. (5.7 kg), which is enough in terms of heaviness and stability – but not so much that you can’t find suitable isolation pads or stands. In terms of its Class D amplifier and Polypropylene woofer, one can see that it performs admirably. All connecting ports in the back are also of good quality and there is no trace of roughness or poor work.

It’s also worth noting that ADAM Audio offers a 2-year guarantee, which may be extended to 5 years if you register your monitor. An instant indication that they trust in their products. Apart from that, ADAM Audio also has a stellar reputation for customer service.

The ADAM Audio T5V exudes professionalism in both design and look. The tilted cabinet draws attention and is a good change from regular monitors. Similarly, the ribbon tweeter has a distinct design and eye appeal. Sure, it may be an all-black kind of monitor, but if you’re the type of person who adores its sleek black look, then this one’s for you.

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A closer look at the T5V demonstrates its broad frequency response spectrum. This monitor delves deep and rockets high at 45Hz – 25kHz. There’s enough depth on both sides to create rich, detailed audio. Not nearly as wide as its bigger brother, the T7V, but it is still wider than comparable-sized displays from competitors.

The ADAM Audio features a bi-amped architecture for power. The low-frequency driver receives 50W of power, while the tweeter receives an additional 20W of power. Bi-amping power modules provide individual driver adjustment, something that frequently leads to greater improvement in performance.

Apart from that, another feature is the Max SPL of 106dB. This monitor is loud, and more importantly, it does it with grace. While other monitors have high SPL, when pushed, they begin to degrade in terms of sound quality and distortion. Fortunately, the T5V is a little trooper that can handle larger volumes with ease.


You’ll have two options for connecting: a balanced XLR connector with an unbalanced RCA connector. But you’d like the changeover between the two sources as it regulates audio signals based on the input source. These connecting points will suffice in most studio applications. However, the absence of a TRS may be a deal breaker for others.

Furthermore, expect no more connection options, as with other high-quality studio monitors. The T5V lacks both a headphone jack and Bluetooth.

For tuning options, you can modify the T5V to both low and high frequencies. Most studios will prefer to use the base 0 levels right out of the box, however, you can adjust the volume as low as 2dB.

Due to the bass port facing backward, the low-frequency switch is probably the most helpful in this situation. A quick and simple technique to assist in controlling the lower end. But you must always remember that proper positioning will still have a greater impact on output than these minor adjustments.

Overall, it is difficult to see any flaws in these studio monitors, though, given how well-tuned they are right out of the box.


The ADAM Audio T5V is, without a doubt, a fan favorite with a sleeve full of honors. Currently, it is one of the best entry-level monitors on the market right now with numerous 5-star ratings. Even industry experts have praised this agile yet potent studio monitor.

For years, ADAM Audio has been providing top-notch equipment for your studio. If you have any doubts about what an entry-level offering from them would have to offer, it will be dissolved almost immediately.

All in all, the T5V is one of the greatest studio monitors within its price range (Which is $150). Truly an excellent audio with lots of depth and accuracy.

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