Pioneer DJ XDJ RR Vs XDJ RX2: The Best Choice You Can Make!

Pioneer is widely recognized as a leading provider of DJ controllers. If you ask any professional or DJ fanatic about their favorite brand, they will undoubtedly say something about Pioneer. The company is known to strive for excellence and will not settle for anything less.

But what if we compare the best with the best? We’ll need two Pioneer products for that, then. This time we’ll take delve into one of the brand’s leading product series: the XDJ. Professionals, DJs, and well-acclaimed magazines often name XDJ controllers as one of the best in the music field. They’re ideal for weddings, parties, gatherings, or any events that need music.

With that in mind, let’s jump in with the comparisons between two fantastic controllers: Pioneer DJ XDJ RR and XDJ RX2. The two have long been compared by many with which is the best, and luckily, we’ll weigh in with the ultimate answer today.

Pioneer XDJ RX2

Often referred to by many as the alternate version of XDJ RR, the Pioneer XDJ RX2 is bulky, heavier, and less practicable in terms of its weight. Both still share the same similarities, but even a novice can differentiate the difference between the two. Pioneer XDJ RX2 is 4.2 inches in height, 28 .6 inches wide, and with a depth of 17.4 inches. It weighs around 9 kilograms and is equipped with 2 channels to utilize effects and features. It also has a frequency range between 0 and 20,000 Hz – a standard.


Durability and Size

In the DJ realm, the bigger is perhaps the better. Pioneer XDJ RX2 appears to be more durable in comparison to XDJ RR, which may be a preference to many. Again, its bulk may appear to be a burden, but rest is assured with its sturdiness.

Made with Higher-Quality Materials

We’ll say again and again that all Pioneer products are made with high-quality materials. But here’s a catch: others may not see or feel it quite as much as what Pioneer XDJ RX2 does. With RX2, you see and feel something real. At one glance, one may say that this will last longer than we think.

Additional Rare Features

Compared to other Pioneer products, XDJ RX2 boasts several rare inputs and features. This is great for professional DJs who want to improve more of their skills. Furthermore, its beat FX options have 8 methods, twice more than XDJ RR’s available 3 methods.


Weight and Build

We get it, not everyone likes to carry this quite heavy material to parties. If you’re that person, it’s best to opt out of XDJ RX2. The company does hand out free secured bags for you to carry on, but it doesn’t assure you that it can lift the burden of its bulkiness. But hey, it’s a great exercise if you try to look at it that way.

Extremely Expensive

If you’re still new in the DJ world, we’re here to tell you that with Pioneer, you should expect that the price they offer isn’t something that all people could afford. You’re buying a high-quality material; you must expect that things like shelling out more of your money are the reality.

Pioneer DJ XDJ RR

Hailed by many for its affordability and lightweight, the Pioneer DJ XDJ RR is the antithesis of the Pioneer XDJ RX2. The controller is made for DJs with mid-level knowledge. This means that it’s meant for people who know what they’re doing already and want something with enough features to stand out in the professional scene. It measures 2.9 inches tall, 24 inches wide, with a depth of 15.3 inches. Its weight is merely around 5 kg – significantly lighter than the RX2.


Compact Build

One of the greatest differences between Pioneer XDJ RX2 and Pioneer DJ XDJ RR is its build. As one may notice from the above descriptions, RR’s measurements are lower than RX2 with the latter being twice its size. Moreover, apart from its lighter weight, the RR DJ controller is also effortlessly controllable for easy use. Unlike the former, you won’t be needing a bag to bring it everywhere.

Fantastic Mixer Abilities

If you’re someone who dedicates most of his/her time to mixing and is looking for a controller that can cater to your mixing needs, then look no further. Pioneer XDJ RX2 operates at the same levels as professional-grade mixers in the club. You also can use a lot of different features readily available along with the Rekordbox software.

7-inch Color Screen

Not only does it have a 7-inch color screen, but it can also be used to broadcast between the two channels, allowing you to view the BPM and playback status, as well as waveform, all to give you as much data as possible to produce a seamless music experience.

Play Features are Movable

Another great thing about Pioneer DJ XDJ RR is its portability and mobility. The controller gives you a lot of wiggle room in terms of how you play music and how you would perform. The RR also comes with multiple USB ports that let you play tracks directly. It also comes with Link Export, which allows you to export all your Rekordbox libraries to your laptop instead of having to store them on a USB drive.

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Slightly Lower Quality

With its affordable price, it’s a shame that we are given with lesser-quality product. This doesn’t mean that it does not stand out from several other products, but when we compare this to RX2, the latter wins in the quality round.

Lesser Features to Be Utilized

Unlike the other contender, the RR doesn’t have a lot of options for different inputs and features. It does have the typical color FX options, Beat FX options, etc., but it’s more limited than DJ XDJ RX2. This isn’t ideal for DJs who are still familiar with different tricks of the trade.


Overall, Pioneer products are a great value for money. Whether you’re just starting or you’re an experienced DJ, pick the right Pioneer gear to help you create the perfect DJ setup for your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your DJ setup, looking for a new DJ controller, or you’re just browsing your options, you’ll want to make sure you get the best from the rest.

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