Serato DJ vs RekordBox DJ: choose the best DJ software!

           If you are looking for a new software platform for your digital DJing life, Serato DJ Pro and Pioneer Rekordbox are on the top list of great options. Both platforms have so much to offer when it comes to functionality and performance. However, we will make it easier for you to decide. So, relax, settle down, and continue scrolling as we bring to you the best list of comparisons “Serato DJ vs Rekordbox DJ” that you can find on the internet.

Serato DJ Pro: A Decade of Evolution

           Ever since Serato DJ Pro has been released in the market, it has kept its place as one of the most prominent DJ software. Through the years, Serato has given nothing but great evolution. They did not just integrate DJ technology changes, but feedback from their users as well. This is very important because there may be bugs or issues that users can discover which were missed by the manufacturer’s testing team. Feedback from users can help pinpoint these problems which can guarantee a more stable and reliable product.

Additionally, DJ Pro is known for its stable and compatible connection with a broad spectrum of hardware. This is the reason why it suits a wide range of DJing scenarios, may it be small events or large festivals. Moreover, it allows DJs a utilization of the full features and competence of their equipment. This developed functionality created a more creative and amplified performance. Truly, Serato DJ Pro earned its spot as one of the industry’s standards.

Pioneer Rekordbox: Expanding to Performance Software

           At first, Rekordbox was more focused on the preparation and exporting of tracks to USB drives. However, last 2015, a performance mode that allowed DJs to mix from their laptops directly was introduced by Pioneer. This is very efficient for DJs to discard the need of bringing additional hardware. This makes their setup more convenient which will make it easier for them when they are performing at different venues

Consequently, Rekordbox provides regular updates to ensure that it can still compete in the digital DJ market. 

Shared Features: Music Library Management and Performance Tools

           If we talk about music library management, then both Serato DJ Pro and Pioneer Rekordbox can give an excellent performance. Both allow DJs to organize, and add playlists, cue points, and loops. This provides easier access to songs when they are performing live. Furthermore, it will help to reduce downtime and ensure that smooth transitions between tracks are observed.

Key Differences: 

Hardware Compatibility 

           When it comes to Hardware compatibility, Serato DJ Pro is one step ahead. This is because it has a wide range of compatible hardware that can support different controllers and accessories from various manufacturers. This makes it easier for DJs to build a compatible setup that fits both their budget and needs. Furthermore, it allows DJs to explore new techniques and approaches that can enhance their DJing creativity.

           On the other hand, Rekordbox is designed to be used exclusively with Pioneer hardware. This will give limitations to a DJ’s options for controllers and accessories. Additionally, it will restrict their creative potential as the ability to customize their setups or use controllers with essential features will be out of the picture.

Advanced Organizational Tools

           For organizational tools, Rekordbox is streets ahead because of its more advanced features. It can set times, custom tags, or add tags based on situations. It allows DJs to look for related tracks based on genre, mood, key, era, or BPM. It also can use a filter window that can narrow down track selection based on specific criteria. These features can help DJs to structure and plan their slots more systematically. Moreover, it can create seamless transitions between tracks which can result in a more cohesive performance.

Unique Features and Expansion Packs

           For expansion packs, Serato DJ Pro offers exclusively Flip and Pitch ‘n Time. Flip provides DJs the capability to not just create, but also save track edits with the use of cue points. Meanwhile, Pitch ‘n Time ensures that key shifting algorithms and studio-quality time stretching can be achieved. This grants a DJ to have seamless live performances even when they are mixing multiple tracks. Moreover, these two packs can allow DJs to manipulate and rearrange different parts of a song to accomplish very creative remixes. 

           On the other hand, Rekordbox offers customization options to its users. It has custom keyboard shortcuts which permits DJs to obtain more control over the software. This also allows DJs to adjust their performances based on their style and preferences. It can create more engaging sets which strengthen the connection between the DJ and their audience.

Licensing and Support

           There are free to download but licenses are required for users to unlock both Serato DJ Pro and Rekordbox DJ’s full features.  Both licenses cost $129 in the US, however, they offer monthly payments if you cannot pay all at once. This is very beneficial as it becomes more affordable for those who do not have enough budget. It also allows users who just want to test if the software meets their needs and wants before devoting to a long-term purchase.

           For customer support, Serato is known for having an active forum and for responding to the inquiries of its users. Meanwhile, an improvement in customer support was seen in Rekordbox, but it is not enough to surpass Serato.


           We hope that this list can help you choose what software will work best for you. At the end of the day, the choice still depends on your preferences for hardware, organization, customization, and style. Both platforms offer tools that have unique strengths, so the final decision should be based on what aligns best with your workflow and preferences. Don’t forget to comment down below if you already made the choice.

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7 months ago

As someone who doesn’t need stems, rekordbox was and will be my always go to choice ! however this article sorta changed my view on serato lol still I’m sticking with Rekordbox for now 🙂

7 months ago

What would you say is better for someone who is new to DJ-ing? I am trying to find a good beginner’s program and don’t want to waste time or money trying different things. I am on the fence still. A lot of people recommend both Serato and RekordBox. Just not sure which to go with.

Jake B.
Jake B.
7 months ago

I wanted to move away from Traktor Pro and was looking into various options. I have decided that I am going to go with Serato DJ or RekordBox DJ. So I have been searching for comparisons so I can make my final decision. This helped a lot with my decision, thank you!


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