Reloop RP 7000 MK2 Turntable Review!

If you need an icebreaker about some music facts, do let the others know that DJing has changed a lot since 1947, when The Whiskey A Go-Go, the world’s first discothèque, opened in Paris. And while the job title “disc jockey” has been around since the 1940s, the culture truly boomed the way we know it today during the 1970s. In different parts of the U.S., DJs became creative in mixing various genres, which gave birth to a lot of other subgenres along the way. These brilliant artists would mix disco, add electronic sounds, play around with records, and even mess around and come up with a method called the “scratch” – all thanks to a fantastic tool called the DJ turntable.

And, many years later, we’re blessed to find out so many options for DJ turntables in the market – ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, from the worst to the best. 

What is Reloop RP 7000 MK2?

Reloop made sure to get serious when they created the Reloop RP 7000 series. As for the MK2 version, its ability to handle rough scratch treatment every night meets the needs of today’s skilled DJs. Also, its extra-heavy body design provides fantastic separation in its casing, which helps keep your turntable from shaking because of too much bass. 

Pros And Cons:

Check out its features here:

  • Built for the club: Rigid chassis construction with an even heavier design with additional reinforcements out of metal, rubber, and molding compound for high vibration damping and isolation
  • More powerful starting torque (adjustable from 2.8 – 4.5 kg/cm)
  • Fine-tuned motor control for further optimization of wow flutter and rotation
  • Newly developed, height-adjustable tone arm base (VTA) and Anti-Skating control
  • Particularly lightweight and rigid, satin aluminum material used for tone arm
  • Adjustable Pitch scale for precise adjustments
  • The optional ground terminal offers additional protection in complex club & studio environments.
  • Easily replaceable, freely rotatable LED needle light in new aluminum design
  • High-quality and hard-wearing deep black, metallic finish
  • Quartz-driven DJ turntable with upper-torque direct drive
  • Adjustable stop speed (0.2 – 6 sec.)
  • Precise control of motor with three speeds (33 1/3, 45 & 78 RPM)
  • Precision-manufactured, die-cast aluminum turntable
  • Rubber inlays to reduce vibrations and background noise
  • Static-balance universal S-shaped tone arm with hydraulic lift and anti-skating mechanism
  • Universal connection for pickup systems (SME)
  • Pitch range +/-8 %, +/-16 %, +/-50 % (Ultra Pitch)
  • Quartz lock
  • Additional start/stop button for vertical positioning
  • Reverse function: switch for forwards and reverse operation
  • Recessed connection cavity for easy installation in cases & seamless adjustment
  • Phono and line out (no earth required)
  • Removable mains and Cinch cable
  • Safety mains switch
  • Shock-absorbing feet to insulate against vibrations

In terms of MK2 specifications, you can read more about them below. 

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Design and Build

Turntables are considered to be the first DJ equipment to exist. Its history has been around since the early 1900s, but it was the famous Technics 1200 that made the turntable the standard DJ tool among users. 

Speaking of turntables, the Reloop RP-7000Mk2 is a bit better than its older brother, the original RP-7000. Sure, its tonearm base is quite better with a tweaked direct drive motor, but other than that, it’s the same. This improvement is a great thing, given that the RP-7000 was a good choice for cheap DJs.

In terms of its body, the MK2 is quite strong and heavier than ever, thanks to a mix of metal, rubber, and manufactured materials. In return, it makes the turntable very resistant to vibrations that can come from loud bass sounds in DJ booths. Also, the turntable’s feet can quickly absorb shock, which helps to make the separation even better. 

You can choose your high-quality surface with the preference of deep black or classic silver metallic shine – and you can guarantee that it won’t have any scratches at all.


MK2’s RCA inputs can be used two-fold: either on phono or line-level output. This is due to its built-in phono preamp that can be switched interchangeably. This feature eliminates the need for a ground connector. If you want something extra, you can buy one separately. Moreover, the RP-7000 MK2 has a recessed back connection panel that makes it simple to put it in a flight case. Talk about practicability. 

Tone Arm

RP-7000 MK2’s Tone Arm is S-shaped and is “statically balanced,” and it also has a hydraulic lift and anti-skating system for support. With this in mind, the new tone arm base is more stable and lets you change the height and vertical tracking angle (VTA) quite easily. 

Motor & Pitch Control

Reloop made sure to make MK2’s pitch control high-resolution with its pitch section and digital slider control. By default, the fader’s range is set to ±8%, but you can raise its range to ±16% or even ±50% with just a button. But if you don’t want to switch pitches anytime, you can turn on the quartz lock, which gives you rock-solid pitch accuracy that doesn’t change even if you move the pitch fader.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the finely tuned quartz-driven motor, which starts with 2.8 kg/cm of torque and can be changed up to 4.5 kg/cm. The turntable runs very smoothly thanks to the 0.01% WRMS* of wow and flutter. And if you’re wondering what the top speed of the MK2 is, it can be changed from 0.2 to 6 seconds, which is quite impressive!


For its inexpensive pricing, the Reloop RP-7000MK2 sure ticks a lot of boxes as a great turntable. It caters to everybody – whether you’re a new or an experienced DJ who wants to add a pair of decks to their setup. Even though it doesn’t add anything new or interesting for digital DJs, the deck is solid and costs less than $600 – so it’s a pretty good purchase. Compare it with the other turntables at the same price, and you’d be hurrying to purchase a Reloop model for its awesome features. 

Why You Should Read Reviews Before Buying

While finding a seamless set of DJ equipment can be a headache, you need to explore your options rather than settling down on the first thing that you see. As savvy buyers, we know how important it is to do research on a product and think about its pros and cons before we buy it. With that, it’s great that the internet gives us access to so much information that we can learn everything we need to know about a piece of equipment before we decide to buy it. So, there should be no excuses on your part as a smart buyer.

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