Virtual DJ vs Rekordbox DJ: Choose The Best DJ Software!

Are you in search of the ideal software to upgrade your DJing experience? Both starters and veteran DJs find it hard to look for the perfect software that matches them. In this article, we will dive into an encompassing differentiation of two of the most popular DJ software in the market: Virtual DJ & Rekordbox DJ.  Continue reading to discover the differences, similarities, features, and pricing of Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox DJ and Atomix Productions’ Virtual DJ 2018.

Feature-Rich and User-Friendly Interfaces

           Both Rekordbox DJ and Virtual DJ house a surplus of amazing features. They are designed to help elevate your DJ sets. One of Atomix Productions’ greatest advantages is its consistent updates. They always integrate support whenever there are controllers, hardware, and innovative features that are newly released. It ensures that the software can run smoothly continuously. This is because updates often include performance optimization and bug fixes. It will then help to minimize glitches and crashes whenever the software is running despite its abundant features. However, if you are someone who seeks a cleaner design, Virtual DJ can be overwhelming for you.

Rekordbox DJ

           On the other hand, Rekordbox DJ ensures an easier way of navigating and locating any feature that you need to use. It has an interface that is not only organized but also streamlined. A more organized interface grants a quicker and more efficient music selection. It can help DJs to locate and load their songs easily into their decks. Furthermore, a streamlined interface helps DJs to stay in control while making informed decisions whenever they are mixing. This is because it can provide very clear visual feedback on track information. These features gave great contributions to Rekordbox DJ to rise rapidly among DJs.

Efficiency in Track Management and Playback

           When it comes to managing tracks, both Rekordbox DJ and Virtual DJ allow efficiency. If you want a seamless hardware-software integration, then Rekordbox DJ is perfect for you. This is because it is compatible with Pioneer DJ mixers, media players, and controllers. It ensures an effortless connection without running into compatibility issues. Additionally, it has a comprehensive performance mode that offers a wide scope of benefits. This makes it a go-to option for DJs who wants to achieve a polished and professional performance.

Virtual DJ

           Virtual DJ has the same level of potency; however, it has a wider scale of hardware compatibility and music sources. Furthermore, it has extended support for diverse configurations and hardware. This provides prominent optimization and compatibility with various hardware configurations. It also contributes to a more versatile DJing experience. This is because it will result in more enhanced flexibility and usability of the software.

Innovative Mixing and Harmonic Compatibility

           Harmonic mixing is truly one of the most crucial aspects of DJing. The good news is that both Rekordbox DJ and Virtual DJ can provide this. DJs who practice harmonic mixing can benefit from Rekordbox DJ because of its compatible keys in the library list. It can help DJs to find tracks that will harmonically match the current one being played. It will aid in creating harmonically pleasing mixes without difficulty. This feature is also present in Virtual DJ to assist anyone who wants to prioritize harmonic transitions.

Creative and Dynamic Performance Tools

           One of the features that help Virtual DJ stand out is its innovative “Sandbox” mode. This allows DJs to test their mixes before performing live. It grants various adjustments like EQ Tweaks and crossfading, even when there is a track currently playing. This mode also allows DJs to experiment with transitions, effects, and mixing techniques without altering the main mix.

           Rekordbox DJ, on the other hand, offers a track previewing feature. This can help DJs to curate a specific playlist for their performance. They can listen to a track’s short preview and decide if they want to include it in the set. This feature is a big help during the preparation and performance stages. However, Virtual DJ’s “Sandbox” mode is better when it comes to experimentation.

Streaming and Video Mixing Capabilities

           Some DJs are looking for software that offers video mixing capabilities. So, if you want to add videos to your sets, both Virtual DJ and Rekordbox DJ have that feature. Although Virtual DJ is one step ahead because of its amazing set of video-related features. It provides a dedicated video editor, video sampler, and it can record and broadcast video mixes. It surely helps DJs to be more creative when it comes to video mixing.

Customization and Hardware Compatibility

           For hardware compatibility, Virtual DJ has the upper edge. This is because it is compatible with a wide range of hardware. Unlike Rekordbox DJ which is designed to have a smooth integration with only Pioneer DJ’s hardware community. If the software is compatible with more than one hardware, it becomes more flexible in any aspect. DJs can easily adjust their setup based on their style and workflow. Furthermore, if a DJ is already familiar with a specific hardware, then they can continue to use it instead of adjusting to a new one.

           For customization of hardware control mappings, both platforms can offer it to you. This feature permits DJs to have their own designated functions for each control. It helps to reduce the need for switching between different controls while performing.

Pricing: Finding the Right Fit for Your Budget

           If you have a big budget, Rekordbox DJ offers a one-time license fee of $129 US. However, if you are tight on money, Rekordbox DJ also has monthly subscription plans which range from $10-15. This is also beneficial for those who just want to try the software and does not want to purchase the one-time license.

           Meanwhile, Virtual DJ has a Home Plus License that ranges from $49-199 depending on the controller that you use. If you have the means to purchase the one-time license, its price is $299. However, if you do not have enough money, then you can purchase the monthly Pro License which is $19.

Final Verdict: Choosing Your Ideal DJ Software

           In the end, the choice that you will make depends on your DJing style, hardware setup, and personal preferences. Rekordbox DJ is perfect if you are looking for a smooth integration with Pioneer hardware. It is also the best choice if you want software that has harmonically compatible mixing. Meanwhile, Virtual DJ is a versatile choice for DJs of all backgrounds due to its extensive feature set. It also has great mixing capabilities and a wide range of hardware compatibility.

           Before making your decision, make sure that you have considered your budget, desired features, preferred hardware, and performance needs. No matter which software you choose, both Rekordbox DJ and Virtual DJ present strong tools which can help you to elevate your DJing journey. Don’t forget to comment down below if you have already made your choice.

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