Numark Party Mix II Review: Make Your Best Choice!

           The Numark Party Mix II comes out as a compelling option in the world of entry-level DJ controllers at a budget-friendly price. This controller proves to be a torchbearer among affordable DJ gear.

           Let us dive into the advantages and limitations that define appeal of the Party Mix II’s appeal.

           Although it has a budget-friendly nature, the Party Mix II provides a considerable punch in terms of features. Join us as we delve into its functions and attributes in more detail.

           Capable and fundamental are two words that can describe the main mixer section of the Party Mix II. It houses two channels with specific crossfader and faders for seamless transitions. This setup provides important mixing needs.

           Control over Treble and Bass frequencies is possible due to the equipped 2-band EQ on each channel. Although it provides the basics of mixing techniques, the lack of access to Mid frequencies is an interchange to its budget-friendly design.

           Accurate volume manipulation for a balanced mix is achieved due to the control over individual channels, together with a Master Gain knob. Moreover, the inclusion of a browse knob and loading buttons makes navigating your music library and loading songs onto the respective deck a straightforward process.

           The addition of a filter knob for each channel is a noteworthy inclusion. It provides a fast Low/High pass filter when adding FX to your mix. This makes it an essential tool when performing smooth mixes.

           However, the deficiency of Cue/Mix control is a notable departure from the original Party Mix. This means that it does not support headphone mixing. This likely poses a challenge for starter DJs who lean towards mixing in their headphones without relying on speakers.

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           One feature that makes the Numark Party Mix II stand out is its compatibility with the well-known DJ mixing software platform, Serato. Users can immediately start mixing because it can download Serato SJ Lite. This makes it an incredible introduction to the digital DJing landscape.

           Furthermore, the incorporation of Soundcloud and Tidal provides a wide range of streaming tracks for those who do not have a profound music collection. Starters who are just building their repertoire can benefit from this feature the most.

           Free tutorials are also packaged with the Party Mix II which makes the learning process easier. These tutorials provide a path that can guide new DJs to become familiar with the software. Moreover, purchasing the Serato DJ Pro unlocks additional features that can help as you continue to progress in your mixing journey.

           The jog wheels on the Numark Party Mix II show a significant improvement from the original Party Mix despite not being considered the absolute best. The addition of a touch-capacitive control is another noteworthy inclusion. It places its functionality as most other entry-level controllers despite having a compact size.

           Adjusting tracks is very easy because you only need to nudge its sides. This enables smooth mixing and beat-matching. If you want to execute scratch routines, you just have to apply pressure to the top of the jog wheels and it stops the track. These inclusions elevate the overall usability of the controller. However, because of the compact size of the platters, performing intricate scratch routines can still be challenging. Still, they provide a functional platform for creative mixing.

           The pitch faders of the Numark Party Mix II are compact, which is the same as other small-budget controllers. However, these faders still play a vital role in beatmatching. This is because they are responsible for adjusting the tempo of the track being played.

           One challenge that small pitch faders give is that beatmatching by ear can be a complex task. On the bright side, it has a feature that can help users who are experiencing beat

alignment difficulties. It is a Sync function that can match BPMs automatically.

           Versatile options are provided by the performance pads of the Numark Party Mix II. Despite its affordable price, the ability to set and recall four cue points is included. Together with the loop functions for 1, 2, 4, and 8 beats, these performance pads open up a new world of creative possibilities. Furthermore, the basic FX and sampler section for triggering one-time samples create a new layer of functionality.

           One key feature of the Party Mix II is portability. With just a scale of 2.1 lbs. (0.95kg) for its weight, it became the new epitome of a portable DJ controller. This provides more convenience when you bring your mixing skills on the go.

           Although the Party Mix II does not have an extensive array of FX controls, the four available are still great to use. A dynamic touch to your mixes can be added by this FX option, especially the popular Flanger and Phaser. If you want to upgrade your transitions and breakdowns, this is ideal for you. This is because it gives starter DJs a playful avenue for experimentation.

           Creativity is integrated into the mixes of DJs because of the Basic loop controls on the performance pads. Extended track sections are allowed once you set 1, 2, 4, and 8-beat loops. This provides more time for smooth transitions or layering vocals and other elements on top of the main track.

           Users can smoothly connect the Party Mix II to their PC or laptop through USB. Another convenient feature is that it is USB-powered. One change from the previous version is that it now has a removable cable. The version previous to this has a fixed cable. Connection points are now placed on the left side panel. It highlights a 1/8 inch headphone jack and a Master 1/8 inch connection for linking to speakers. Although the previous version had an RCA connection, these updates provided upgrades when it came to usability and adaptability.

           The Numark Party Mix II features a plastic build. This does not come as a surprise knowing that it is a budget-friendly option. One concern in the long run is its durability. However, the knobs and faders are enough for the workload. A significant improvement aesthetically is also observed while maintaining a budget appearance. It radiates a more professional and robust feel.

           One thing that sets the Party Mix II apart from other budget controllers is the integrated lights on the back panel. An atmospheric touch to the mixes is added because of the red, blue, and green lights that flash simultaneously with the music. There is a button on the right side that can toggle the lights on and off. This further elevates the overall visual experience.

           In the world of DJing, the Numark Party Mix II has received positive feedback for its updated design. It is a combination of a lightweight and compact build with a budget-friendly price. This affordable controller has made DJing more accessible, especially for those who just started it as a hobby. However, veteran DJs noted its limitations and simplified feature set.

           Dreaming of being a DJ does not mean someone wants to be a star globally. A growing community of hobby DJs is now starting to be popular. This caters to those who want to spin tunes at small gatherings and share mixes with friends. This is also the perfect avenue for those who want to deepen their connection with music at home. A budget-friendly DJ gear allows enjoyers to try the hobby without spending a huge investment. This is perfect for someone who is still unsure about doing DJing long-term.

           The Numark Party Mix II may be an affordable choice, but other alternative controllers are worth considering. If you can invest more money, here are some noteworthy options.

  1. Numark Mixtrack Pro FX
  2. Accurate control due to the Full 3-band EQ.
  3. Entertaining FX functions
  4. Beatmatching is made easier with its long-pitch faders.
  5. Larger unit with additional features.
  6. More expensive than the Party Mix II.
  7. Pioneer DDJ 200
  8. Mobile mixing is achieved because it is compatible with different DJ apps.
  9. Port of entry into the Pioneer world.
  10. Compact and lightweight design.
  11. Precise Frequency control because of the full 3-band EQ.
  12. Entertaining FX functions
  13. More expensive than the Party Mix II.
  14. Pioneer DDJ-FLX4
  15. A wide array of FX features for various DJ sets.
  16. The layout is reminiscent of Pioneer’s pro gear.
  17. Abundance of features with a professional design.
  18. More expensive than the Party Mix II.

           The Numark Party Mix II emerges as an exceptional budget controller. This is because people who want to try DJing can use this as an entry point without spending so much money. Although it has its downsides, beginner DJs are given a lot of tools to learn the basics. However, it is worth noting that you may find yourself outgrowing this controller if your passion for DJing continues to grow. This can lead to seeking a more advanced controller in the long run.

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